Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things Not Seen 8

1. Do you always lock your bedroom door? 
2. How can you relate this with your social life? 
3. Brainstorm a VARIETY of things locking a door can represent. 


  1. 1. I never lock it for two reasons. 1. I don't have a key. And 2. It only locks from the inside and I never do that either.
    2. Well, there are some things that I want to keep to myself. But, if I were an adult I wouldn't blame me. It's just the fact that I'm becoming a teenager.
    3. It can represent keeoing secrets, not wanting to socialize, or you could just be angry or moody. Also, it could mean that you just want to think for a while. It could also mean your doing homework and you don't want to be disturbed during the creative process.

  2. 1. I cant lock my door seeing as tehre is no lock. But sometimes I wish i did. But yet when i was young and I was mad at my mom I would lock myself in her car and pout.

    2. Sometimes when my friends leave me out or hurt my feelings in some way i want to lock myself inside my room. Also if im mad or depressed abotu something I wish I could lock myself in.

    3. I believe locking yourself in your room or even locking your dorr always can represent secerts, emotions ( and what you feel like ), or you want alone time to as griffin said think or lay down.

  3. Are secrets bad or good? What do you all think?


  4. Miss Bailin,

    Secerts are both in my opinion. Some are just passed between friends and not hurtful or mean. Yet others could be the total opposite.

    I think it only really matters if its good or bad depending on the stuff being said ( or whispered ) in the secert.

  5. That's very true Jane. I also think keeping secrets is okay unless there hurtful. Then it's just plain wrong! No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

  6. i don't usually lock my door. I am never usually bothered so i just leave it opened. Sometimes I can't close it because my little bros stuff is in the way. I don't think that it is a good idea anyway. this relates to my social life because when i was in CA, me and my couslin went out of the hotel room. My mom was gone and my sister didn't think, so she locked the hotel door and went out to find us. We got locked out until charlie had to climb through trhe window and let us in. Secrets is another good example, but I was thinking and i thought and i realized that some people lock their inner self locked up so that people don't make fun of them. Wait, maybe instead of people keeping secrets locked up, its the other way around. say that the government makes somthing well known and not secret because if the public knows about it then they will forget about it after the newsflash is over. it may become a harder shell for beinga secret

  7. I usually never lock my door. Usually no one comes in if I close it. Although sometimes my mom might come in so I accasionally lock it. This could mean I am an open person that invites in everything.
    It could represent

  8. 1. I lock it when I need my space. It locks from the inside but above the door is usually a key so when I am alone I really am not alone.
    2. Locking the door I find is a natural thing if you want your space, want privacy, or are mad locking the door makes me feel bad. If I had a rough day I ususlly go and sit on my trampoline and lock the zipper or just stay in my room. It's just the fact that I'm a year away from becoming a teenager.
    3. To me it could represent isecurity, not wanting to socialize, you could just be angry, sad, or moody. Also,I lock my door when I want quiet, want to think, and when I need my space. Also, while you are working on homework and you don't want to be disturbed during the process or you will loose your thought. I need it quiet to think so I go in my room and lock the door so I have quiet think time.

    February 19, 2009 6:53 PM

  9. 1. Sometimes I lock my door, but not often. Usually nobody bothers me, but sometimes they do.
    2. I will lock myself in when my brother and sister are being annoying. Also, sometimes my brother "plays with me" but it is more of a beat-up session, and I lock my door getting away from him. Sometimes I will want to lock myself inside if I am depressed because somebody was mean to me. Also, if somebody said something that I think was interesting, I like to think about it alone, so I lock myself up.
    3. Locking a door can mean independance, secrecy, you would like to be alone, you are mad, you are on to something and you don't want to lose your train of thought, and it could mean that you have had tough times, and are now afraid of being hurt again so you do not welcome visitors antmore.

  10. KACI you joined our group, hi!!!! Wait what is the point in locking a door if there is a key outside?

  11. 1. I don't usually lock my door unless my brother is trying to attack me for some odd reason or if I am changing and want to be alone.
    2. Locking my door relates to my social life because sometimes I want to lock out the people who are mean to me or others. Also, I wish I could lock my friends in with me so that no secrets could be told.
    3. A locked door can represent an uninviting person or room. For example, a room could be locked because it is messy and uninviting. Also, it could represent an independent person or a person who enjoys the silence when they're alone. Lastly, a locked door could represent privacy. Most people I know only lock their door when they want privacy.

  12. Stephen,
    How do people bother you? Is it in a good or bad way?

  13. 1.) I never lock my bedroom door because incase there is an emergency no one can get in my room.
    2.) I can relate my social life to this because sometimes you feel like no one can relate to you and you can't discuss it with your friends because they won't understand either.
    3.) Locking your door can mean that you are a very private person, that you are shy, that you are depressed, that you are very sad, protecting yourself from a bad person ect.

  14. 2.) continuing: and I just want to be alone.

  15. Jason, what did your mom do that makes you want to lock a door?

  16. Courtney,
    Who are being mean to you in your own house that you want to get away from.

  17. Stephen,
    When you say usually people don't bother me, what people in particular are bugging you.

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  19. 1. No I do not always lock my door. If I close it then the people around will know that I want privacy. Unless there is company, then I lock the door because I do not know them as well.
    2. I can relate this to my social life because I can let people in to my life and make friends, just like people can come into my room. I leave my door open for friends! (I leave my heart open)
    3. Some things that locking a door can represent are listed:
    wanting privacy
    dancing:)(when you don't want people to watch)
    singing:)( when you don't want people to watch)
    reading silently
    wanting room to be quiet
    meditating :)
    listening to music

  20. I am not quite sure to answer your question, but I hold the lock shut so no one can pull it from my grip.

  21. Kaci,
    Do you always have to just stand there by your door and hold the lock shut when you don't a person to come in?