Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Among the Hidden 17

1. Explain what "truth" is?
2. Explain what it is to be "free?"
3. How do you know you have freedom?
4. Who has freedom? Who doesn't?

Among the Hidden 16

1. List as many political themes that you can from this text (this should be an extensive list from the text...look at what the character's are saying, thinking, and the government's actions). 

2. What do you think the author's point is about government

3. How many different types of government or political issues can you historically relate this to (this list should be vast)? 

Among the Hidden 15

1. What is Jen's attitude towards being illegal? 

2. How does this relate with the negative stereotypes of immigrants, criminals, and homeless people that you have heard of?

***WARNING*** This is a sensitive topic, so professional and respectful language is the only kind of language that is welcomed. Looking at it from a third party perspective may help you when you write your response. 

Among the Hidden 14

   1. "It never occurred to him that knowing another person would give him someone to worry about," (p. 76). What are the benefits of friendship and what are the stresses of it? Relate this with the text and with your own lives. 

The Seems 22

1. Why did Thibadeau join The Tide? Do you agree with his reasoning? 

The Seems 21

1. How does the author use the literary techniques of flashback and foreshadowing to enhance the novel? Provide multiple and specific evidence. 

2. Analyze the rivalry between Thibadeau and Drane. Have you ever experienced this type of rivalry?

The Seems 20

1. Would you consider operation Clean Sweep a success? Explain. 

2. Do you think Tide is responsible for the Glitch? Defend your answer. 

The Seems 19

1. What is Becker's reaction to seeing his "friend" Thibadeau Freck?

The Seems 18

1. If you were designing the Dept. of Sleep, what would it look like? What special features would you include?
2. Compare and contrast your model with the text. 

3. What do you think of Becker's choice to seek information at the slumber party?