Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Among the Hidden 25

1. If you could pick one symbol to summarize this novel, what would it be? 
2. Why would you choose this symbol?
3. What is the theme of this novel? Why do you think this?
4. How does your symbol represent the theme of the novel?

Among the Hidden 24

1. Describe the "feeling" you get from the relationship between Luke and Jen's father. 
2. Explain why you feel this way. Make sure you describe specific situations that show their interactions with one another. 

Among the Hidden 23

1. Would you take the fake ID? Why or why not?
2. Change your point of view into a parent and then a friend: how would you feel about your child/friend having a fake ID?
3. Do some research on the penalties/consequences for being caught with a fake ID. Report back to the blog. You may find some things that are surprising!