Monday, February 9, 2009

Among the Hidden 5

There are many laws that people have determined to be unfair and unjust. There are also laws that are simply viewed as silly. Do a search to find some of these laws. *****You may want to do your research with your parent/guardian present.

1. Start with overpopulation laws because that directly relates with our text and post about your findings. 
    a. How do you feel about overpopulation? 
    b. Are these laws fair? Why or why not?
    c. What negative and positive things did you find?

Among the Hidden 4

1. What struck you as the most meaningful part of these chapters.
2. Why do you feel this way?
3. How do you think this will impact the rest of the novel?

Among the Hidden 3

Luke's family is terrified of the government. 
1. Why? 
2. What are some ways the government makes the family feel powerless? 3. Where else in the world or in other shows, literature, etc. have you seen examples of the government abusing power?

Among the Hidden 2

The author does not specify a setting for Among the Hidden. 
1. Why do you think the author chooses to do this? What mood does this create for the reader?
2. Select a time and place for this novel. Why did you make these choices?

Among the Hidden 1

The number three is used a great deal in literature. Why?

1. It is your job to find powerful, meaningful, interesting, and compelling reasons why the number three is so greatly used in literature. you must have multiple answers. Please cite useful resources for our investigation. 

2. List many examples of three being used in literature? (E.g. Three Blind Mice)

3. Based on the text, history, what you discovered during your research, why do you think the third child is the one that may not ben seen?

Things Not Seen 5

This novel addresses a lot of meaningful topics that are below the surface (symbolism) having to deal with sight, insight, and lack of sight. 

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages with sight?
2. How could a lack of sight positively affect someone?
3. What is insight? How does one gain it?
4. What are some symbols (colors, situations, characters, etc.) for sight, insight, and lack of sight within the text and outside of the text? 

Things Not Seen 4

1. What does Bobby do when he is invisible?
2.What are the advantages to being invisible?
3. What are the disadvantages?  

-Be specific, provide examples, think about your every day life, think about your life in the future days, etc. Be creative. 

Things Not Seen 3

1. Describe Bobby in this chapter. How would you feel if you saw him? Be specific about why you would feel certain emotions or get ideas about the situation. 

2. Would you have acted in any certain way given his appearance?

Things Not Seen 2

1. If you were the girl on the bus, would you have asked Bobby to stay? Give reasons for why or why not. 

Things Not Seen 1

1. What do you think of Bobby's parent's decision to leave him home alone? Does anything make you worrisome or suspicious of this choice?

The Seems 6

Go to
1. Have each person in your group be in charge of researching a specific area of the site. 
2. What did you find? What did you learn?
3. Was this site helpful or not? Explain your answer. 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Seems 5

In your opinion...

1. What is the role of those who live in The Seems?
2. What do you think is/are the fair or unique qualification(s) needed to be a Fixer?
3. Why do only those individuals from The World possess it/them?

The Seems 4

This chapter is filled with ironic phrases and place names. 

1. Choose one that you find interesting and share why it caught your attention. 

The Seems 3

1. Which question did you find the most intriguing on the SAT? 
2. Why did it strike you as intriguing?
3. List any other feelings about the SAT questions...

The Seems 2

Turn to the back of your book. On a separate sheet of paper, complete the SAT (Seemsian Aptitude Test). When you finish, score your test (in an honest fashion). 

1. What job are you suited for? 
2. What personality characteristics do you possess that made you a candidate for this job?

The Seems 1

1. Would you complete the test? Explain.