Thursday, March 12, 2009

Among the Hidden 22

1. Why does the Population Law pass each year?
2. How would you vote? Explain. 

Among the Hidden 21

1. "We're a revolution," says Jen. What does this "revolution" mean?
2. BRAINSTORM all the connections with "revolution" that you can think of. 

Among the Hidden 20

1. Describe what happens to Jen?
2. Did this surprise you?
3. What emotions did it stir within you?
4. How could the novel have been different it this didn't happen?
5. What did it add to the novel?

Among the Hidden 19

1. How is Among the Hidden a science fiction novel? Explain your answer. 

Among the Hidden 18

1, What are your impressions of the rally?
2. Would you have gone? Explain your reasons. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

Things Not Seen 16

This novel references quite a few piece of good literature and famous people. TRY TO USE DIFFERENT ONES THAN THE ONES POSTED BEFORE YOURS. :)

1. List and describe two of these references total. 

2. Why do you think the author chose to use these references? What does it add to the novel?

3. Were there any references you had not heard of? (suggestion...come back and read others' posts). 

Things Not Seen 15

1. Describe the "meetings" of Bobby with Alicia's parents and Bobby's parents learning about Alicia. 

2. Did anything surprise you?

Things Not Seen 14

...."and he's saying that I'm like a black hole," (p. 109). 

1. What do you think her father means by this quote?

Things Not Seen 13

1. What does it mean..."She could still see me," (p. 107). 

Things Not Seen 11

1. Describe your reaction to how Alicia became blind. 

2. Was this what you expected?

3. Why do you think the author had her become blind in this manner?

Things Not Seen 10

"Talking with her, it's like walking along on ice, and I think it's safe, and then I take one more step, and everything starts to crack and buckle. And under the ice there's a dark river," (p. 104). 

1. BRAINSTORM 5 other ways this negative image could be written that still conveys the same meaning. 

E.g. 1 Talking with her, it's like finding a diamond the size of Egypt, and then finding out your sibling had to die for you to get it. 


1. Evaluate the use of a blog as a teaching/learning tool. How successful was it in engaging you in the learning process? What did you gain from this experience?

The Seems 48

*** Go to

The 6th graders at North Ranch (NRES) completed the same Blog questions you did for The Seems. Choose 5 questions total that you enjoyed, thought were challenging, made you think, or etc. and read the responses of the other 6th grade class. 

1. What similarities do you see between your classmates' answers and the NRES students?

2. What differences did you find?

The Seems 47

1. Review the novel...Rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). What do you think was the best part of the novel and the worst part of the novel? Explain. 

2. Will you read the sequel? Why or why not?

The Seems 46

1. Why do you think finding the necklace triggers Jennifer's memories of the dream and her Visit to The Seems?

The Seems 45

1. Becker was given a Glimmer of Hope by his teacher and then an Ounce of Sleep as a reward for capturing the Glitch. What gift/reward would you hope to receive from the Seems? Explain. 

The Seems 44

1. Elaborate on the statement..."No one, not even a case worker, can tell you what lies at the heart of the plan - and beware of anyone that says they can."

The Seems 43

1. Do you think it would be a good idea for Becker to visit Jennifer again? Defend your position. 

The Seems 42

1. Why does Becker decide to give Jennifer a 532? Do you agree with his decision? Explain your response. 

The Seems 41

1. If you could enter someone's dream, would you? Explain your response. 

The Seems 40

1. How is The Tide involved in what was transpired in The Seems?

The Seems 39

1. How do you think the Glitch was able to survive the Clean Sweep? 

2. Why is it just now appearing to cause havoc?

The Seems 38

1. What are your impressions of the Glitch based on the text description? Are you surprised, puzzled, didi t meet your expectations?

The Seems 37

1. Why is Dawn represented as a young girl? How else might Dawn be represented?

The Seems 36

1. The Glitch says he will take over the Departments of Sleep and Nature, they destroy Reality. Would taking over these departments be enough to destroy Reality, would other departments need to be involved? Which ones?

The Seems 35

1. What does the scene on pages 193-195 remind you of? 
2. Why do you think the author chose to present it in this manner?

The Seems 34

1. What is the significance of the yellow substance referred to in Chapters 9 & 10?

The Seems 33

1. Why do you think Hope is found in the Middle of Nowhere? Be specific and use examples to further "prove" your point. 

The Seems 32

1. Should rules be follower even if they don't seem like the right thing to do? Explain your answer. 

The Seems 31

1. Are  "rules" the foundation of a good organization? Explain. 

The Seems 30

1. An author has a number of literary tools available to "pull" the reader into the story he/she is creating. Based on your reading so far, rate this author's use of literary devices.

2. Are you an active participant in the story or merely a passive reader? Explain your response. 

The Seems 29

1. What violation do you think Becker committed? 

The Seems 28

1. Did the author "get you" in this chapter? At what point did you realize the encounter with Becker's family was part of the nightmare?

The Seems 27

1. Share you reactions to Becker's encounter with the Bed Bugs. 

The Seems 26

1. How would you describe the home of "The Bed Bugs"? 

2. Can you give it a Seemian name?

The Seems 25

1. Are you surprised by the reactions of the other Fixers to Becker's situation? Explain. 

2. If you were a Fixer, what do you think your reaction would be?

The Seems 24

1. How is it that something as simple as sleep can be creating such an immense chain reaction?

The Seems 23

1. If The Tide is not responsible for the Glitch, then how does Thibadeau know where the Glitch is headed?