Monday, March 30, 2009

Things Not Seen 22

1. What did Bobby send?
2. Why did he send it?
3. Why would she use it and why not?

Things Not Seen 21

BRAINSTORM as many ideas as possible...
1. How many ways does this novel connect with present day life?
2. How many way does it connect with the future?
3. How many ways does it connect with the past?

Things Not Seen 20

1. What would have happened if Bobby did NOT listen to Sheila?
2. List specific events that it would have changed. 

Things Not Seen 19

1. How did the novel end?
2. Did you think this was an appropriate ending? EXPLAIN your answer. 
3. How would you have changed the ending? Why would you have made these changes?

Things Not Seen 18

"Years don't scare me much anymore."

1. In this novel, what do you think this quote means?
2. In your opinion, when do you think years DO scare people? Be specific. 

Things Not Seen 17

1. Should Bobby have told his dad about Sheila? Defend you answer.