Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things Not Seen 9

1. What predictions can you make about future chapters? Why do you think this?

Among the Hidden 9

1. What emotional connections can you make with the text?
2. Which character would you choose to  be your friend? Why did you choose this person? What qualities does he/she possess that you think friends should have?

Things Not Seen 8

1. Do you always lock your bedroom door? 
2. How can you relate this with your social life? 
3. Brainstorm a VARIETY of things locking a door can represent. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things Not Seen 7

1. Why do you think the title is called Things Not Seen instead of Things Unseen?

Things Not Seen 6

1. If you were Bobby's mom, how would you feel leaving him home alone? Why?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Among the Hidden 8

1. Why do you think the family sells hogs even though it has an undesirable scent?

Among the Hidden 7

1. Why does Luke's brother get joy out of teasing him when he can't even hear it? 
2. Why do you think the author included this part?

Among the Hidden 6

1. Why doesn't Luke tell his mother about the vent? Would you have told her? What significance do you think this will play in the novel (if any)?

The Seems 17

1. Are you enjoying the irony of the language choice within the text?
2. What impact does it have within the novel?
3. What are some examples of the irony you have read?

The Seems 16

1. What do you think of Fixer Blaque's teaching technique? Explain.

The Seems 15

1. Why do you think Fixer Drane chose Jennifer Kaley for his "Mission Within a Mission?"

The Seems 14

1. "Mission Inside the Mission," means....? How can/does this apply to your life?

The Seems 13

1. What is the importance or significance of a Chain of Events slippage? Do you think you have experienced one?

The Seems 12

1. Becker remembers the words for Fixer Blaque, which of his words would you find the most significant? Why?
2. Are there words you "hear" when you are in a stressful situation? Share it.

The Seems 11

1. Describe Becker's reaction to his first assignment. Would your reaction have differed? Describe the emotions you would have experienced.

The Seems 10

1. Do you feel that Becker's relationship with his younger brother is "typical" of most sibling relationships? Explain. Compare it with your sibling relationships if possible.

The Seems 9

1. What is the 7th Sense? Do you have it? How do you know?

The Seems 8

1. Becker chooses to tell Benjamin about The Seems, though it is against the rules. Who would you tell and why?

The Seems 7

1. Becker Drane's view of The World has been altered since his introduction to The Seems. What evidence can you find of this change?