Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Among the Hidden 16

1. List as many political themes that you can from this text (this should be an extensive list from the text...look at what the character's are saying, thinking, and the government's actions). 

2. What do you think the author's point is about government

3. How many different types of government or political issues can you historically relate this to (this list should be vast)? 


  1. 1. Population laws, tax raises, ability to grow and raise certin farm animals and plants, I can't think of anything else.
    2. The authors point about the government is that the government will make bad laws and support it with lies or reasons that are obviously bad.
    3. The Great depression can show how Lukes famliy is running out of money, the revolutionary war was because the colonists didn't get enough freedom, and that is what the shadow children are doing, with Athens and the Delian League, the city-states that weren't getting proper treatment fought against Athens like the Rally in the story, Also with Alecxander the Greats men were afraid to do one of his missions, so many of them commited mutiny and left, this shows poor government by Alexander, but he still one, just like Luke wanted to give up but he still is going to do the rally.

  2. 1. Political themes in the text are population laws, taxes, abilities to do what you want, and freedom.

    2. The author's point is that government is made up of lies and make mistakes like regular people, but support their mistakes.

    3. The Civil War represents the fight for freedom, the blacks wanted to be treated equal and the shadow children wanted to be treated equal. In the Great Depression, money was hard to earn just like Luke's family is having a hard time earning their money. In anceint Roman times, the plebians thought they weren't receiving proper treatment just like Luke thinks the shadow children aren't getting enough or equal treatment. Also in Roman times, people didn't want Julius Ceaser to gain more power and Luke doesn't want the government to gain more power.

  3. Stephen,
    What makes the governmentrs decisions bad? Who decides if they are good or bad?

  4. 1-I agree with Stephen and COurtney. I know I am kind of taking what you said but they are facts not opinions and they are the right answers.

    2-I think the author is trying to say that everyone believes in the government but sometimes they make mistake too like all humans.

    3-The first thing that came to my mind was the China incident. The bad idea with the babies that I talked about in another post. Again this relates to the story because there is also a population law. There is also the Civil war like Courtney said. Julius Ceaser became very, very powerful and was killed because of his power, and in this story the government is so powerful that everyone feels powerless. Another example would be World War II. Hitler was super powerful but did bad things with his power and so does the government in the story.

  5. 1. Political themes mentioned in this novel are- Taxes, population laws, farming laws, freedom. I can't think of anything else.

    2. I think the authors point is that like any oteh rhumans the government screws up sometimes and makes worng descions at times they think are right when they end up wrong.

    3. As sierra said, China and killing babies because of over-population.
    There is Civil War and Hitler and Courtney and Sierra said.
    Plus, I think that that Revolutionary War relates to this story because Britain liek teh government is so powerful and demanding that it makes otehrs feel "small" and powerless.

  6. Agreed. The laws, tax raises, ability to do what the government wants, restraints on certain people (shadow children), having to do what the government wants, the government trying to make it seem like everything is OK, the rebelelliousness of the shadow children against the government, thats all I can think of. And the Great Depression because everyone in the book is falling on hard times trying to get food and money. Thats all I can think of.

    I think the authors point about the government is that sometimes they make bad laws and make mistakes, but then they try to cover it up. THey eliminate thing with out the public knowing so that they can keep good reputation. They are very self- consumed.

    The Civil War becauses black people weren't being treated failrly and neither are the shadow children. WWII because people got crazy with power like the government in ATH. WHen white people claim Native American land as their own because the Native Americans were helpless to the the white peoples power just as the people are weak to the governments power.