Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Among the Hidden 17

1. Explain what "truth" is?
2. Explain what it is to be "free?"
3. How do you know you have freedom?
4. Who has freedom? Who doesn't?


  1. 1. Truth is yes or no, black or white, there is no inbetween.

    2. Free means to be able to act on your own will and make your own decisions. In the books case, free means to be out in public.

    3. I have freedom because I can make my own decisions and be seen in public.

    4. The people who are in democracies and aren't in jail are free people. The people who aren't free are the people who are controlled by someone else.

  2. Courtney, is truth always black and white? what if it is red? Courtney, just to let you know, we are free and we are not in a democracy. We are in a Democratic Republic. The rest of what you said is very true.

  3. 1. Truth is what is right. Truth must be able to have facts to back it up.
    2. Free is when you are able to do as you wish on your own will, whether it is a good choice or a bad choice.
    3. I know that I have freedom because our soldiers had to fight for our freedom. Freedom is not free. Also I can make my own decisions.
    4. America has freedom. Everyone who has the right to make there own decisions and do as they wish has freedom. If you are in a communist country, then you are not free.

  4. 1. Truth is whatever is correct, and not a lie.
    2. Free is when you can feel the fresh air brushing past you and the green grass on your feet. Free is when you are not locked up or in a cage.
    3. I know I have freedom because I am not held in a cage and I am not locked up.
    4. Lions in a cage do not have freedom, but lions in the plain in Africa are free. I have freedom, but people in a jail cell do not.

  5. Stephen,
    I meant that if you ask a person what color something is between black and white, there is no greyish color it is either black or white and that is the truth.

  6. Truth is the real thing. Not a made up statement. Truth is an iron bar compared to lies. Lies are a feather. Truth is what is right even if it is hard to admit. Truth is better than lies. The truth is powerful!

    To be free does not just mean you were just let out of jail. To be free means to have rights. To be able to speak up and have a part in the world. Being free means no one can stop you and you can be whatever you want to be.

    You know you are free if you speak your opinion and don't get criticized. You will know you are free if you have the ability to quit your job without getting harrassed. It is also very true that you will know if you are free if you aren't in jail or a slave of some sort.

    In our country we have freedom. I am not sure if this site is reliable but I found that Cuba, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Chad, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cameroon, and many more countries are not free.

  7. Oh, not all people in our county are free. Most are but some people who do really bad things get some of their rights taken away.

  8. Truth is the solid color on teh paper. There's no excuse to it. You either tell the truth or not. As courtney said, its black and white.

    Oh! Good point sierra! :o) Iron bar is truth Feather is lies. Interesting.

    To be free means you can think, act, and do for yourself and not be told when to do something. Also its if you have rights and can speak out loud what you are thinking.

    You know you are free when no one can tell you when to act or speak. Also you can do what you want without being threated or harrassed.

    Some places in the world people are not free. They have to act and do what a ruler or king/queen says to do. Ex- China, Iraq, Cameroon, India (certain cities), South Africa,etc.

  9. Sierra,

    If you are in jail don't you think you still ahve rights and are free just not to the fullest?

  10. Truth is honesty and always saying what is right. Truth is what has happened, exactly as it has happened. Thruth is saying the right thing no matter the circumstance.

    Free is acting for yourself. Free is being able to follow rules and not be restrained for what you look like. Free is making your own actions, but also accepting the following consequence. Free is being able to speak your mind and be you, not anyone else.

    I know I am free because I am able to speak my mind and follow any path I'd like. Nothing is holding me back from where I want to go in life. No government or leader is telling me what I can or can't do. I am able to do whatever I like and accept my own consequence.This is how I know I am free.

    Most people in the world are free. Some are not. People who are kidnapped are not free because they can not make their own actions, they have to do what the kidnapper says. THey are not able to speak their mind. People are also not free who are not willing to accept the consequence that comes with their actions. They are prisoners of themselves. You are also not free if you do drugs. You are under they drug's control and are not yourself to make you own actions.

  11. Truth is all about doing the honest thing. Truth is what actually happened, no matter what happened.Its all about doing the right thing every time.

    Free is all about being yourself. Its about doing your thing, but accepting its consequence. Its when you have rights and are able to speak your mind.

    I know I have freedom because I am able to speak MY mind and just be myself. I can make my own decisions, but i can accept the consequences. No dumb government can tell me what to do or what to say.

    Most people are free. some aren't like China or Iraq. They are under their king/queens rule. The people in America are free. No one can tell us what to do.