Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Seems 18

1. If you were designing the Dept. of Sleep, what would it look like? What special features would you include?
2. Compare and contrast your model with the text. 

3. What do you think of Becker's choice to seek information at the slumber party?


  1. 1. If I was designing the department of sleep I would make it look like a giant bed frame with individual rooms. Some special features would be, a dream-a-torium like in the story, it would be glitch proof and definatly NO bed bugs, those things just creep me out!
    2. I think that it was cool how they mod it like a giant house with different rooms. I thaught that it was funny how they wore pajamas as hazmat suits. But I think that mine would be a mutch safer place to work because it would be glitch proof and there wouldn't be any bed bugs.
    3. I thought that it was clever to seek information from The Slumber Party because it would most likely be the best place to find information about The Seems.

  2. this is a floor plan of how i would design the department of sleep.

  3. i have to email the floor plan (to miss bailin)

  4. How do you think the story would of been changed if the Bed Bugs hadn't have been there? Extend your thinking. I like what you have though.

    I actually agree with every word you put Aaron. I was going to say the same thing. I would type my own answer but it would say the same thing as Aaron's. I agree. Especially #3 that was really clever when that happened. If you are going to seek information that was the perfect time and place t o do it I thought.

  5. i agree with aaron that the slumber party is the best place to find info. in the seems because there are so many people in the slumber party.

  6. If I was designing the Department of Sleep it (like Aaron's) would be entirely glitch proof and there (unlike Aaron's) would still be bed bugs. There would be less but still some, because if there were no nightmares then people would think the world is perfect and would forget about the fact that the things in your nightmares are probably happening to a real person. My structure would be a cloud which is dream-like. Then it would have different rooms. All workers would have to wear angel hazmat suits. The whole structure would be based on good dreams except for where the bed bugs were. That room would be a thundercloud and the hazmat suits would be modeled after lightning.

    I think my model would be better because there would be less bad dreams and the whole place would be set in a happier mood.

    I agree with Aaron and Kaci when you said that it was downright the best place to get information about the Seems. If I were Becker I would make the same choice.

  7. 1+2. If I desinged the department of sleep I would shape it like a king size bed. It would be made of pilows like the first one but the bed post would be made of wood from the department of natur. Insted of having hasmat suites in selected areas, the will be in the walls and when the alarm goes of they will pop out with Helping Hands tms. The main protection agienst gliches is the 7 layer shield on the outside like the one on the Dreamatorium. I would also put in a holding cell for the glitches.
    3. I think it was a good and bad. It was good because you got the information fast and easy, but it was bad because to me the people they are talking to are not that trust worthy.

  8. I forgot to tell you all. the hasmat suites is a special feature.

  9. Aron,
    But if you have Bed Bugs then they may tell you about bad things in the futer, like when Ms. Sankovich talked about ceser's wife had a dream about him being killed on the front steps of a biulding.

  10. Mine would look like a huge bed. It would also have lullaby's playing all day. If you were tired you could just lay down anywhere, and sleep.

    I don't think it was a good idea. Although, he did get some good dirt on the glitch