Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Among the Hidden 23

1. Would you take the fake ID? Why or why not?
2. Change your point of view into a parent and then a friend: how would you feel about your child/friend having a fake ID?
3. Do some research on the penalties/consequences for being caught with a fake ID. Report back to the blog. You may find some things that are surprising! 


  1. 1. Yes, I would take the fake ID because I would want to be able to see new things and meet new people instead of hiding forever.
    2. If I had a child who was offered to have a fake ID, I would still say yes because they deserve to have the same freedom I have. If I were a friend that was in hiding too, I would want my friend to have a fake ID as long as I would receive one too.
    3. According to my research, the penalties for having a fake ID are jail time, fines, community service, and suspension of your (real) driver's license. In some states, the use of a fake driver's license has been made into a felony. It will end up on your criminal record.

  2. 1. I would take the fake I.D. Even though I would miss my family terribly, it would be better than dieing.
    2. If I were the parent of a hidden child who was offered a fake I.D. then I would not want my child to get a fake I.D. I would want my child to live with me and me under my protection. If I were a friend of a hidden child that was offered a fake I.D. I wouldwant them to take it and then I would not. I would because they could stop hiding. I wouldn't because there is a big chance that I would never see them again.
    3. If you get caught, according to what I found, you can jail time, fines,comunity service, and having to have your real driver's license taken away.

  3. 1 yes because it will keep me safe from the population police.
    2 If i were a friend or a father of a shodow child I would help keep him safe and be proud he dosen't have to hide.
    3 Now if you have a fake id you either get fined, go to jail, comunity service orget your licence taken away.

  4. Devon,
    What would you do after you turned down the fake ID? Would your child still be hidden and illegal forever?

  5. Jason,
    What if the Population Police caught you with a fake ID? Would you still be safe?

  6. 1. I would take the fake I.D., but I would have a very hard time departing from my family.
    2. I would hate having a friend/child having a fake I.D. because I would miss them so much. I would probably let them go because it is better for them though.
    3. The penalties for being caught with a fake I.D. is jail time, fines, community service, and losing your drivers licsence. In some states it can be a felony.

  7. I would tale the fake ID because that way you could go out into the world and see what you are missing. I know that it would be hard leaving my family but I would write them and stay in touch some how.

  8. 2. if I had a child who was offered a fake ID I would let him go. He would finally have the chance to go out into the world and meet new people. I fI were a friend I would have the same point of view.

  9. 3. The penalties of being caught with a fake ID is community service, jail time and even getting your real license taken away.

  10. Courtney,

    That was a fantastic entry. It truly was. From the beginning to the end, you completely held my attention. My favorite part was how you said the child deserved the same freedom as the adult.

  11. Jason,

    I think it is very beautiful that you wrote about being "proud" because you child would not have to hide. That was quite touching.

  12. I am enjoying reading about how you all would feel a strong push-pull effect with taking the I.D. and leaving your families. Most of your answers are very similar.

  13. Courtney,
    The answer to your question: You have a great point. Yes the child would still be hidden and illegal, but I would want the child to be with me when and if he, or she, got caught by the population police.

  14. Courtney,
    I do not completely understand your question "What would I do after I turned down the fake I.D.?" I think that this should answer your question: I would still act as I had before the offer of the fake I.D.

  15. Devon,
    Thanks for the reply. To build off your new answer, what activities would you do that would be different from before?

  16. I would definately take the fake ID. After hiding for so long I would really want to get away!!! I would want every friend I had to get a fake ID if they were in that situation. I would definately miss my child if they went away with a fake ID but I would want them to be safe from the government.

    The only thing I found about fake ID's was for using them to buy alcohol. If you are caught with one in Utah you get your license taken away for a year. Also you can get in jail or get a giant fine.

  17. I would definately take the ID. After being hidden and away from the world I would want to see the people and make friends. If I were a parent I would miss my child but I would know in my heart that they are free and safe from hiding.

    I researched and found that if you are caught in South Dakota or Utah the least amount of jail time is 3 years. The fine coudl be as much as 650,000 dollars.

  18. I would take the fake ID because I would be tired of hiding my whole life. I would want to get out and see the world. Sure it might be illegal, but it would be my chance to be free and get out of hiding. To go be a regular person and feel like you belong.

    Parent: As a parent, I would want my child to have one. I would want my child to see what the world is like and not have them be punished for being born. I would feel kind of guilty for have had birth to the child and then having to keep them locked away. I would be sad to see them go but I would know that they would be free and safe.

    Friend: As a friend I still would want my friend to have the ID. If i was not illegal but my friend was and they had a fake ID I would want to show them my world and introduce them to things they have never known. If I was illegal too I would want to be free and have a fake ID with the friend. Together we would see the world and live a life we never have.

    Consequences vary from state to state but usually includes jail time, fines, community service, and suspension of your (real) driver's license. Bar and store owners sometimes confiscate suspected IDs, and then display them publicly. How embarrassing. In some states fake IDs mean a felony. This means the consequence is worse and may include more jail time, higher fines, and years-long suspension of driving privileges. If you get a felony it is very hard to get a good job or get into a good college.

  19. I probably would take the fake I.D because after years of being hidden from the world, I'd finally have the chance to explore the world and be in the open without worry of capture.

    PARENT-I'm worried of how it might end. What if my child get captured? Will they die? That's what I'm trying to tell them, but they just won't listen. I know they will say yes, but I don't want to stop them from discovering the world.

    FRIEND-Omg,I am soooo excited for my friend!!Kinda jellin tho. I'm glad they got the I.D tho, they deserve it. They just have to careful, its a big world.

    Its different in different states. Its usually fines, jail, or your real drivers license taken away.

  20. Parent:i am terrified of the consequences. the government might track him and kill him. he might give himself away and get turned in! i dont think he can get the fake ID. i cant do the rest of it right now.