Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Among the Hidden 25

1. If you could pick one symbol to summarize this novel, what would it be? 
2. Why would you choose this symbol?
3. What is the theme of this novel? Why do you think this?
4. How does your symbol represent the theme of the novel?


  1. 1. The one symbol I would use to summarize the story is the chinese symbol for freedom.
    2. I chose this symbol because throughout the novel, Luke and Jen are trying to receive freedom and be able to show their face in the world legally.

    Sorry, I can't finish the third and fourth question at the time. I will post them tomorrow.

  2. 1 I would pick a door.
    2. This is because shadow children are always hiding behing doors.
    3people should go out more
    4 The people that don't go out hide behind doors

  3. 1. I think that the symbol for this novel would be a turtle.
    2. I chose this symbol because turtles are always hiding inside their shell.
    3. The theme of this book is to not take the things that we see small and barely anything for granted because other people do not have that, for example freedom.
    4. Turtles do not have a lot of freedom because they live most of their lives hiding inside their shell.

  4. 3. The theme of the book is people having freedom and being equal with everyone.
    4. My symbol represents the theme because my symbol is freedom and that is what everyone wants.

  5. Devon,
    What problems do a turtle have that Luke has too?

  6. Jason,
    I don't understand why the theme would be people should go out more. Please explain your reasoning.

  7. 1. The symbol that I would choose would be the Liberty Bell.
    2. I chose this symbol because it shows the freedom of America, and the whole story is about getting freedom for the shadow children.
    3. The theme of this story is equality for all, or in other words freedom.
    4. My symbol represents this because freedom is the theme and the Liberty Bell shows America's freedom.

  8. Acually I would change mine to do with freedom

    Courtney, what does the chineese symbol of freedom look like?

    Devon, wouldn't that theme be the moral?

    Stephen, isn't the liberty on the side of the government? How does that have anything to do with a story about antigovernment?

  9. 1. I think I would pick a bat.
    2. I would pick a bat because bats are waiting for it to become night so they can finally come out just like the shadow children.
    3. I think that the theme of the novel is that everyone is trying to get out and then wind up where they were in the first place. Because that is what happened to Jen and all that happened was forty kids got shot.

  10. 4. My symbol represents the rest of the story because one day they are going to be free to do what ever they want.

  11. Jason I really like your idea with the door. How would someone come out behind the door without being caught?

    Stephen, how does equality for all relate to freedom?

  12. Devon, do you think that the turtle will ever be able to come out of it's shell like in the story?

  13. Jason,
    The Chinese symbol picture would not paste, but you can find it at:


  14. Jason,
    I like your symbol. I see how it relates to the Shadow Children. I would like you to now spread your thinking to what the theme of the novel is and how the door represents it.
    Please also use complete sentences.

  15. Courtney,
    I like how you are focusing on freedom as a universal theme. I like how you went beyond your scope of "common" U.S.A. symbols for freedom and instead you went for a Chinese symbol. Why did you make this choice (other than "it is pretty" :))? How can you bridge the gap between the Chinese culture and the novel? Good luck (the Chinese symbol for it of course). :)

  16. Devon,
    I LOVE your #3 response. Great analysis of the theme. Bravo!
    I aldo LOVE Courtney's question to Devon..."how is a turtle like Luke?" Now you are extending thinking. Excellent!

  17. Stephen,

    How can you connect the crack in the Liberty Bell with the novel? Beautiful start with your answer.

  18. Jason,

    I would like to answer your question that you posed to Stephen(of course you may continue to build on this question Stephen) can't have anti-government without government.

    How do you think it connects Jason?

  19. I would like each of you to come back and read the blog. You are doing quite well asking questions, but I am still not seeing you embracing the extension of thought because you're not answering the questions. Part of the rubric, the part that earns you excelling, describes that your repsonses need to reflect that you have been READING and RESPONDING to what has been posted on the blog.

  20. Lily,

    I like your idea for using a bat.
    If they wind up where they were in the first place: was the journey worth it?


  21. Miss Bailin,
    1. I chose the Chinese symbol for freedom because I wanted a symbol that stood for freedom. The symbol really meant freedom and related to Luke wanting freedom. Everything tied in with the word freedom.

    2. The Chinese culture relates to the book because some Chinese citizens don't have the same amount of freedom as other citizens. For example, a Chinese farmer doesn't have the same freedom a president of a sucessful organization. The farmer is limited to where he can go because of lack of money and the president of the organization has plenty of money and can go wherever he prefers. This relates to the farmers representing Luke's family and the president representing the Barons.

  22. Courtney,
    To answer your question: turtles always have to be cautious when coming out of their shell, they might run into danger. Same thing for Luke, he always has to be cautious when he comes out of his house, he might run into the population police.

  23. Courtney & Stephen,
    If nothing was free in the book, wouldn't a symbol for freedom be the opposite of what the book is about? Please explain!

  24. Jason,
    Why should people go out more? Do more explaining in your responses.

  25. Lily,
    The answer to your question for me: Yes when the "coast is clear the turtle can come out of its shell just like in the book.

    For your response: How did Jen wind up where she was in the first place? She was at her house, shewent to the president's house, she got shot, and died.

  26. Devon,
    The symbol for freedom represents the book because the novel is about Luke trying to earn freedom. I understand you perspective too, but I don't think it is the opposite.

  27. The symbol i would pick is a ostrich hiding it's head under the sand. I would pick this symbol because, like the shadow kids, it is hiding in plain sight and is vunerable. also, the govrnment doesnt want to beleive there is more food than needed, and also, they were the blame for the food problem in the first place by not forcing barons to give up some food to the hungry. The government doesnt want to face the problem, so it hides from it and denies it.This novel is sci fi- communist stereotype. My symbol represents this because in communism they are working towards a common goal, the government controlling everything because of fear of the masses, which they try to hide from the public( like a ostrich with it's head in the sand exept the head is the leader's fear of the people)

  28. If I had to choose a symbol for this book I would choose a turtle with it's headbarely peeking out of it's shell. I would choose this because Luke has been hidden all his life and at the end of the book he is finally coming out of hiding.(Because he gets the fake ID)I think the theme of this novel is that everyone should have rights and very one should be able to control their life. My symbol represents the theme because a turtle peeking out of it's shell is saying that it doesn't want to hide anymore and it wants to be rid of the shell. That is kind of what the theme of the story is.

  29. 1. The symbol I would choose would probably be an American flag with a slash through it.

    2. I would choose this because not everyone has freedom like we do now. The slash is to represent that there isn't freedom for everyone.

    3. I think the theme for this book is equality, or freedom.

    4. My symbol represents the theme because the American flag represents freedom.

  30. my symbol also represents equality because because the slash could represent the gay rights and how they fought for equality.

  31. If I chose a symbol for the book it would be a tree.

    I chose this symbol because trees are safe for the shadow children and strong as well. It represents that while the tree is safe they do not know life beyond it until they venture out. The tree will keep you safe but it will be your only friend.

    I think the theme of the book is that sometimes it takes something life changing for you to realize what you have. You should never take things for granted because someone other than you probably has it worse. The shadow children are stuck in hiding while Barons just walk free.

    My symbol represents the theme because Luke always had the forest to protect him but suddenly it was gone. He had taken it for granted. Just like it took Jen dying for Luke and Mr. Talbot to realize what a difference she made. The tree stands tall but you never know when it will come crashing down. SO keep your distance from it even if it means danger, because danger can lead to good things as well.

  32. Gabrielle Dennis,
    I like your symbol! It is very interesting!