Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Among the Hidden 24

1. Describe the "feeling" you get from the relationship between Luke and Jen's father. 
2. Explain why you feel this way. Make sure you describe specific situations that show their interactions with one another. 


  1. 1. I get nervous about the relationship between Luke and Jen's dad because you never know if Jen's dad is going to report Luke or if Luke is going to tell his parents that Jen's dad is helping Luke out.
    2. I feel nervous because Jen's dad works for government and can report Luke at anytime. For example, when the Population Police show up at Jen's house Jen's dad could have showed them that Luke is an illegal at his house.

  2. 1 I too get nervous like Courtney. Jen's dad is only around when something is wrong which is creepy.
    2 This is because the conversations they have are usually awkward.

  3. 1. The feeling that I get is, like Courtney said, nervousness because I hope that Jen's dad will not report Luke. Also I feel anxious to see if her dad reports Luke.
    2. I feel anxious and nervous because at the part wher her dad first tells Luke that he works for the Population Police. I didn't know what was going to happen next! I thought maybe he was going to turn Luke in, and I also thought Luke might faint!

  4. Jason,
    Which conversations are you talking about? Can you give specific ones please??!

  5. Jason,
    How is it creepy when Jen's dad is around during a problem? I'm positive he helps Luke with his problems. Right?

  6. Devon,
    When and why would Luke faint?

  7. 1. The feeling that I get is sadness because they have both lost Jen, one as a family member and one as a friend, and they both replace that figure with each other.
    2. I feel this way because I would be very sad if I lost a friend or family member.
    In the story Jens dad doesn't shoot Luke and they both try to comfort one another, and Jens' dad is always crying, and he helps Luke, and Luke tries to help the dad.

  8. 1. His relationship with Jen's father is scary and very helpful.
    2. I feel this way because Jen's dad could turn Luke in if he wanted to and it feels helpful because he has like his own personal spy so he knows what the population police are going to do next.

  9. Jason,

    Great work noticing the setting when her father appears. It is like the monster coming around only when there is music. For example, we know that JAWS is coming because we hear the song.

    Can you give me an example of an awkward conversation between the two?

  10. Can we brainstorm some new words for "nervous" and "nervousness?" I'm not impressed with the word choice being demonstrated in these postings. Can someone maybe give a figurative example of how they are feeling (simile or metaphor)? I would even accept an image of what you are feeling like with some descriptions.

    For example...when Luke and Jen's father are talking, I feel a queasy knot in my stomach because their interactions are uncomfortable. For example_______________________________.

  11. Greta point Courtney. He does "help" with problems. I find it interesting how your view points of Jen's father are so different. Keep it up!

  12. Stephen,

    That was a beautiful analysis. How do you think the characters grow from this experience. Would it be different if Luke was a girl and not a boy?

  13. You all have made me think....

    How is Jen used in the novel?
    How is Luke used in the novel?
    How is Jen's father usde in the novel?

  14. Miss Bailin,
    1. Jen is the co-main character and is used to help Luke break away from hiding and try to be free.
    2. Luke is the main character and is used to represent the amount of freedom kids and adults have.
    3. Jen's father is used to help Luke be free and live a life where he can be seen. He uses Luke to fill the gap where Jen was.

  15. Miss Bailin,
    Instead of using the word nervous, I felt butterflies in my stomach before performing on the stage because I never know if Jen's dad is going to report Luke. For example, when the Population Police arrive at Jen's house Jen's dad could of pulled Luke right out of the closet and say this boy is an illegal.

  16. Courtney,
    To answer your question: Luke would faint after Jen's dad told him that he was part of the Population Police. He would faint because there was too much information all at once.

  17. Devon,
    I now understand what you were saying. I like how you said that there was too much info all at once. Nice Job!

  18. The feelings I get are kind of like an uncomfortable feeling. Almost like when you got to go really bad because both Luke and Mr. Talbot are kind of uncomfortable around each other. However I also feel good like getting a new outfit and a sad feeling like losing a pet at the same time because like Stephen said, both Luke and Mr. Talbot have lost Jen so I am ecstatic that they have each other and can mourn through these "rainy" times.

    I feel this way because of the conversations they had. I felt uncomfortable when Mr. Talbot first finds Luke in their house. Then they talk but you can tell they are both on their guard. But then they get on to Jen and how she is dead. They are both sad and I think they are both glad to be able to mourn with someone instead of having to pretend Jen never existed. After a while they are comfortable with each other and thats when I am glad that Luke has another "friend" or another person who is going to help him. They are a team and that makes me happy

  19. When I read about that part I was a bit surprised and shaken. I know Jen was a shadow child and her dad wouldn't turn another shadow child in but still, you never know. I was afraid that he would turn in Luke becasue I had previous knowledge that there were sequels, and I didn't know if the next book could be based on that. I felt very shaken because Jen's dad is a nice guy and helpful, but if he got mad and slipped, Lukes life could be ended! I also felt a little excited. I felt glad that Luke and Mr. Talbot would have each other as a shoulder to cry on. I was also relieved that Mr. Talbot did NOT turn Luke in when he spotted him in his house, and that they started talking (though like Gabby said they were both watching what they said). Overall I think that the relationship is a great thing. I am sure Mr. Talbot will always protect him!

  20. Gabby,
    I like your words and phrases! For instance your-
    through these "rainy" times
    I also feel good like getting a new outfit and a sad feeling like losing a pet at the same time

    Your postings are always so intresting! I strive to make mine as well-worded as yours!

  21. I love your posts Sierra and Gabby! Great words and explanations.

    1. I had mixed feelings about the relationship between Luke and Jen's father. I felt scared because as Sierra points out you never know when you’re a shadow child who you can trust and who you can't. Yet, I also felt happy for Luke and Mr. Talbot because they both lost Jen that day at the rally and so now they can use each other to heal their heart's wounds. Plus now Luke has more safety since he can't go back home.

  22. I get a weird feeling about Luke and Jen's dad. You never know how much trust is between them, especially since, But, as Jane said, I felt kinda happy for them because now that Jen is gone, someone who understands is there to close that hole in each of their hearts. And it was really cool of Jen's dad to give Luke a fake I.D.