Friday, February 6, 2009

Among the Hidden - Character List

As we read and learn about new characters, add their names and important details about them in this area. This will serve as your characterization activity for this text. Please remember that characterization includes the following: the character's actions, thoughts, feelings, what he/she/it says, the narrator's thoughts, and what the other characters think, say, and how they treat the character you are analyzing. Refer back to this posting frequently to add new information. 


  1. Luke: main charcter, a hidden child, not supposed to be alive, third child, thinks that it is not fair because he is not supposed to be alive, bedroom is also the attic, has two brothers, has never seen anyone else accept his own small family which includes his two brothers his dad and his mom,

    Matthew: Luke's older brother, hasn't said anything dramatic so far, other brother named Mark,

    Mark: Other older brother, makes fun of Luke, once he said something nice about that he had never told anyone about Luke's existince, scared Luke by diguising his voice as the population police and knocking on the door saying "It's the Population Police... Open Up!",

    Mother: Luke and Matthew and Mark's mom, always making sure Luke is alright, very protective about Luke's safety, makes Luke sit alone on the steps because she is afriad that the workers might see him through the open window

    Father: Luke and matthew and Mark's dad, very protective about Luke's safety, sometimes very harsh towards Luke, protects Luke from ever being seen by anyone other than his own little family,

  2. Luke- The main character. A boy who is illegal. Since he is the third child and families are only allowed to have two children Luke has been in hidding his whole life.

    Mark- Lukes older brother. The second child.

    Matthew- Lukes oldest brother. The first child.

    Lukes Mother- Lukes mother. Always trying to help Luke fit in while he is hidding.

    Lukes Father- Always uptight and worried Luke is going to be discovered.

  3. Luke: The main character who is a shadow child. he must stay hidden at all times. He is an illegal child because families are only allowed to have two chlidren and Luke is the third child therefore making him an illegal. The families are only allowed o have two children because there isn't enough food for all of the families.

    Mark and Matthew: Luke's brothers. Matthew is the oldest, then come Mark.

    Mother and Father: Lukes' mother and father are very protective of Luke and love him very much. They make sure nothing happens to them. When the family has dinner the parents make him sit away from any place that others could see him.

  4. Luke- The main charater who is hidden by the population law. He must stay inside unless going in the big woods. He is said to be an "illegal child" because the population law says families can only have 2 children.

    Matthew and Mark- They are Lukes older brothers.

    Mother and Father- Luke's motehr and father and are very scared for him. Since the government is coming Luke cant look out any windowl. His parents are very protective of Luke.

  5. Luke-main character and the restricted third child
    Matthew-child#1. more mature than his brother mark.
    mark- the annoying one always teasing luke. The top troublemaker
    Mom-Protective around luke making sure that he has everything he needs
    \dad-easily angered. agian protective for luke but probably for the benefit of his legal family.

  6. Luke- the main character, and 1 of thousands of third children forced to hide from humanity

    Mathew- !st child, more mature than his brother Mark

    Mark- The one who always teases Luke

    Mother- The one whois always there for Luke and is very protective of him.

    Father- Gets easily angered.Protective, but more stict of the law.