Friday, February 6, 2009

Things Not Seen- Reading Comprehension: Chapters 1, 2

1. Summarize chapters 1 & 2, by highlighting the key ideas. 
2. Which part caught your attention the most? Why did it catch your attention?
3. How do you feel about the events you have read? Please explain your emotions with examples. 
4. Are there any questions you have about the text that are unclear?


  1. 1.In things not seen Bobby, a high school kid, wakes up 1 morning as usal to take a shower and when he is done finds hes not in the mirror. He goes to his parents who at first think its a big joke until Bobby touches his mother and thats when she gets it. But wait, Hes not entirely gone. Just not visble to the human eye.

    2. The part that most caught my attention was probably at the end of chapter 1 when he finds that hes not entirely gone. His shadow is still there ( faint but there ). His dad explains that its a scientific trick of the eye. It got me thinking alot.

    3. The events in the book so far are suprising, upseting, and confusing. Surprising because that first his parents dont even believe him no matter how hard he tried before he grabbed his mothers hand. Upseting because as in the end in chapter 2 when his parents can just leave him for work when there son is INVISIBLE to the human eye! And finally confusing using all the scientific explanations and stuff.

    4. Nope.

  2. 1. Chap. 1: Bobby turns invisible and parents freak. Chap 2: Parents try to figure out what to do. Joe Physics. He has to stay home.

  3. 1- bobby wakes up to find that he is invisible. his parents think it is a prank, but when it becomes clear that its true they are astounded. they are not sure what to do but they don't want public to find out, and his dad tries to find out an logical explanation.

  4. 2. The part that caught my attention the most was when Bobby said he was going to do something else. It caught my attention because that was a part where you don't know what was going to happen.
    3. I feel very alert about some things Bobby might do. It's the kind of alertness you get when you're in complete and utter blackness. You know that at any moment something could pop out at you and take you down.
    4. There aren't any questions, but I do wonder if the fact that his parents absence could affect something later.

  5. 1. Bobby, the main character, wakes up one morning to take a shower. When he looks in the mirror, he doesn't see his reflection. He goes to tell his parents, but at first his parents don't believe him. Then, when he starts to eat, his parents freak out that their son is invisible. Then in the second chapter, his dad starts explaining to him how he's not transparent, because he still is there but just not able to be seen. Then Bobby tries a couple things out like swallowing his gum and seeing if he can still see it, which he cant. Then he goes to the bathroom and when he goes, he doesn't see anything, but he heard all the noises.

    2. I think the part that caught me the most is when Bobby's dad explained to him about his shadow and that whole speech really interested me.

    3. The events so far have been kind of surprising and very strange. surprising because like for his parents its really hard to believe that their son is invisible until,like Jane said, touches her hand and she just can't see like what's happening, and strange, well, because he's invisible.

    4. None

  6. Gabrielle,

    I love your post. It really can summarize everything. The end of 1. Is very funny. :O)

  7. 1-Answer: In chapter 1 a boy named Bobby wakes up one morning, takes a shower then realizes that is invisible. He goes to tell his parents who at first don't believe him. Then he starts eating and suddenly they realize he wasn't lidding and that their son really is invisible. His parents start freaking out and are all sad. So Bobbly goes up to his room to figure it out. In chapter two Bobby's dad comes up and starts explaining to him how he is invisible but not totally gone. So Bobby performs all these experiments on himself and finds that when he eats something and it goes through him it becomes invisible as well.

    2-Answer: The part that caught my attention the most was when he performed the experiments on himself. This part caught my attention because I found it very interesting the way his whole invisible system works. Like when things go through him they don't reflect light anymore. I just found it fascinating.

    3-Answer: So far the events in the book have surprised me. They surprise me because at first his parents don't believe him even though he's showing them. Also because even though their son is invisible they don't seem to care that much. They act like it's not that big a deal. I'm also a little confused on how Bobby works. Like how he became invisible and why things about him like his spit is invisible.

    4-Answer: Nope. Maybe just like how he is invisible in the first place.

  8. 1. In chapter's one, Bobby a fifteen year old high school kid who wakes up one morning, takes a shower, and then realizes he is invisible. He quickly runs to find his parents who think he is just playing a trick on them, but then Bobby starts lifting objects to prove he is there. Then in chapter two, Bobby's mom calls him in sick so he can figure out why he is invisible. His dad then gives Bobby a talk about how he is there and has a shadow, but everything he covers comes invisible too.
    2. The part that caught my attention most was when Bobby reads his mom's note and decides to do "something else," because I didn't know what he would do with the freedom he had.
    3. The parts in the book are confusing, surprising, and interesting. I was confused when Bobby's dad was explaining how he is there, but not. I didn't understand the why. Surprising because I was surprised with the freedom Bobby's mom gave him. Lastly, I was interested in the very first page when I found out Bobby was invisible. It isn't everyday you find out that you are invisible.
    4. No unclear questions.