Friday, February 6, 2009

The Seems - Reading Comprehension: Chapters 0,1,2

1. Summarize chapters 0,1,2 by highlighting the key ideas. 
2. Which part caught your attention the most? Why did it catch your attention?
3. How do you feel about the events you have read? Please explain your emotions with examples.
4. Are there any questions you have about the text that are unclear? 


  1. 1. A~ I think the three most important things that happened were the cork getting pulled out, Becker appplying for job, and becker getting his first mission.

    2.A~ The part that caught my attention the most was when the cork got pulled out.

    3. A~ Some events cause me to jump off my seat in surprise.

    4. A~ No not right now.

  2. Kaci,
    I know i havent read your book but i was just checking around. I like how you used " jumped out of my seat in surprise" never would have thought of that.

    -- Jane ;o)

  3. 1-a: In the first chapters Becker was introduced and so was the Seems. Becker aplies for this specific job (the best job in the world)and gets it. It is for the Seems. Becker is first a Briefer then after he save the World he bcome a Fixer.

    2-a: The part that caught my attention was when Becker went down the tude to get to the Seems. It was unexpected in a good kind of way.

    3-a: Most of the events were unexpected. They were things that you never had thought about before. Some events kind of made me scared for the character or sometimes sad. It was like I was part of the book.

    4-a: I have no questions as of now.

  4. Yeah, you are right Jane. Kaci nice word choice! Way to go!:)

  5. Thanks Sierra and Jane! I like looking around too Jane. So many people have said some very interesting things that will really help me with my describtive writing!

  6. Thanks Sierra and Jane! I like scoping out what other people have said too. I am right beside you Jane. All the books sound very interesting just by what people have posted so far. I have learned many ways to inhance my writing just by seeing what other people are saying. I love The Seems so far. Do you like your book.

  7. 1.In chapter one the author introduces becer and the Seems. The story gos back 2-3 years ago and tells how he singed up, he gets exsepted, and then saves the world and becomes fixer.
    2.The part that caught me was when I found out that only a hand full of people singed up for the job because there are so many poeple in the world you'ld think thered be more people.
    3.When I have read I have noteced that alot of the events in the seems are trying to fix problems, so it seems to me like the Seems needs to work out some kinks. For example, when the rain fell in the wrong place insted of the tirsty crops.
    4.I have no questions for the book right now.

  8. Alex, Have you thought about how Becker comes into the seems? If you were the author how wold you pull Becker into the story? Would you change it or keep it the same???? Great ideas by you and many others were put forth and made be go wow!! How does he How does he save the world??? How does he get up to the level of a fixer? Do you see what I mean you need to pull yourself into someone's shoes who knows nothing about this story and then write from that perspective. Don't give too much detail because then it will give the story away and bore the readers so watch how much information you put. Right now you need to add a bit more and then you'll make a perfect entry.Please Take what I said into consideration since I spent time and effort helping you improve.

  9. Thanks Kaci. Things not seen is actually very surprising. Your book sounds very interesting. :-)

  10. Thanks Kaci! Thats a good idea. To answer your question if I were the author I would show Beker sining up in the first place and then skip to when he turns into a fixer. Beker turned into a fixer when he fixes the water tower because it was droping rain in the wrong part of the world. I will keep in mind to talk as if no one read the book.

  11. Kaci, what were the exsact events that made you " jump out of your seat in suprise."

  12. When the Seems were introduced to the story, when the cork was pulled to the water in the world, and when Becker a kid got a serious job made me jump out of my seat.

  13. So does your book Jane. I can't wait to read it! It sounds ver surprising!!! I can't wait till we rotate books. Some books sound so interesting it makes me want to put my book down and read the others. I can't wait to read what happens next.