Friday, February 6, 2009

The Seems - Character List

As we read and learn about new characters, add their names and important details about them in this area. This will serve as your characterization activity for this text. Please remember that characterization includes the following: the character's actions,  thoughts,  feelings, what he/she/it says, the narrator's thoughts, and what the other characters think, say, and treat the character you are analyzing. Refer back to this posting frequently to add new information. 


  1. Becker Drane is the main character in the story. He saw a box in Starbucks that said "The Best Job in the World" and applied. Then a man found him and said he got accepted. Then when Becker got to the Seems and became a Briefer there was a cork in the drain to the world. Becker fixed it and then he became a Fixer. Now he has to fix the glitch in sleep.

  2. Casey- Got sucked down the drain when trying to fix it. I thought she was going to be the main character and she disappeared. I connect to Casey because we have the same name, she is outgoing, and wild. Casey helped pull the cork out of the drain of the world.

  3. 1. Becker Drane: an energetic 15 year old that finally on his rain tower job became a fixer.
    2. Ben Drane: Becker's younger brother.
    3. Thib: Becker's rival and best friend
    4. Casey Lake: Becker's superior.

  4. 1.Becker Drane-energetic 15 year old working in the seems.
    2.Ben Drane Becker's younger brother.
    3.Thib-Becker's rival and friend
    4-casey lake

  5. 1.Becker Drain is the main character in the story who was premoted to fixer after saving the world by fixing the weather tower. I relate to him because as he feels I'm not unhappy but I think there is something I was ment to do.
    2.A glitch is'nt tecnical but is a living thing that destroys machines.

  6. fixer jelani blaque- guide in the orientation and instructor.

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