Friday, February 6, 2009

Things Not Seen - Character List

As we read and learn about new characters, add their names and important details about them in this area. This will serve as your characterization activity for this text. Please remember that characterization includes the following: the character's actions, thoughts, feelings, what he/she/it says, the narrator's thoughts, and what the other characters think, say, and how they treat the characters you are analyzing. Refer back to this posting frequently to add new information. 


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  2. Bobby~ a high school boy who one day after taking a shower finds himself 'invisible' on a Tuesday in Feb.

    Bobbys Father~ a 'atom-smasher' for the FermiLab who has scientifical theories and explantions for everything cant even explain bobbys situation.

    Bobbys mother~ a college professor for English who is horrified, confused, and simply dumbfounded beyond words to her sons situation.

  3. Bobby: Main Character. He turns invisible agter a morning shower.
    Dad: Joe physics. Works for atom smashing.
    Mom: College professor that freaks out beyond human limits.

  4. Dr. Fleming~ A doctor who is treating Bobbys parents after the car wreck taht afternoon.

  5. Bobby: main character,15 years old, goes to a lab school, finds he is invisible after a shower one morning.

    Bobby's Father: Name is David. Works at an atom
    smashing lab. To him life is one big science experiment. Bobby calls him "Joe Physics".
    Is worried when Bobby disappears but figures that there is a scientific explanation.

    Bobby's Mother: Is an english professor that is always giving orders no matter the situation. She is very worried when bobby disappears. Gets very sad when she can't see Bobby.

    Walt: Works at the library. Is there when Bobby goes when invisible all bundled up but doesn't think twice about it. Is (according to Bobby) " a good guy".

    Blind Girl: A girl Bobby bumps into and thinks has a pretty face. She is blind so doesn't see when Bobby loses is scarf while invisible.

    Dr. Fleming: Is a doctor who is taking care of Bobby's Parents while they are in the hospital after the car crash.

  6. Alica Van Dorn~ The Blind girl
    Mr.&Mrs. Van Dorn~ Know bobbys secert, Alica's parents
    Mrs.Trent~ Nosy neighbor next door to Bobby

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