Monday, March 30, 2009

Things Not Seen 18

"Years don't scare me much anymore."

1. In this novel, what do you think this quote means?
2. In your opinion, when do you think years DO scare people? Be specific. 


  1. I am thrilled to see what ways you think "years" scare people. I am expecting a great contrast of ideas on this one.

  2. 1. I think in the book this quote means that they can get older, years can go by, but the time doesn't matter anymore. They are not scared of getting older or of time running out, or their end coming.

    2. I think years do scare people when they are elderly and the end is soon. I think then it scares people because they're afraid of time running out and never getting to do everything they wanted.

  3. 1. I think it means that no matter how many years go by on the inside people will always be the same.

    2. I think years scare people who are paranoid. Because they always worry about the little stuff. And on that note, I know I'm not paranoid.

  4. Gabby I agree elderly people also worry.

  5. 1. I believe this quote is saying like Gabby and Griffin said that even though time goes by or years pass people inside dont change.

    2. When people do think years scare them is probably when yoru old never knowing when your gonna die or have a heart attack. Also for example in Twilight. Bella ages everyday but Edward does not. She fears that the more years pass teh older see gets and Edward stays the exact the same age.

  6. 1. I believe that Alicia said this because even though she gets older, her blindness will not go away, like her age,naturaly colored hair, and her youngness.
    2. I think that people get scared of years because they are getting closer to the time when they die. Also some people believe that there will be a time when the world ends and that is set at a certain year. So they are scared of time getting closer to that.

  7. 1.)I think that Alicia said this because she can't see what is happening to her body so she isn't really afraid of age. But everyone else can (except for other blind people) see themselves and that makes them very self-concious of what people think but Alicia doesn't mind.
    2.)I think that people become afraid of years because they realize that their life is passing by and they haven't done what they wanted to do in their life. That is when they usually have a mid-life crisis.

  8. 1) She dosen't mind years means she is okay on however long things take because everything is the same to her, in other words the same things always happens.
    2) Years scare people when they are old this is because they are afraid of dieing every year they are closer to death.

  9. 1. I think this quote means that Alicia doesn't care what she looks like as she gets older and she isn't afaid of what will happen in the future because of her being blind.

    2. I think most people become afaid of years because they finally realized how much they have changed and what the upcoming years will make them look like. Also, mostly old people are afraid of when they will die because year after they become closer to death.

  10. 1. The quote "Years don't scare me much anymore" can mean a lot of things. It shows that she isn't afraid of aging anymore because one, she can't see herself, two, nobody has really cared for her now, and three, she is not very happy with being blind and maybe the idea of death doesn't scare her. The anymore part shows that she did care, but now she doesn't because of what happened to her.
    2. Years can scare people because they may be afraid of looking older. Lots of people think being old is a bad thing because you are old and not as fun as you were 50 or 60 years ago. It can start to seem that that was ages ago and that you are getting closer to death. Death scares lots of people.

  11. Everyone, all of your postings are great. You all came up with different ideas. Does "anymore." mean anything in the quote?

  12. Stephen,
    Yes, "anymore" means something because Alicia was afraid of what she would look like and how people would respond to her becoming blind, but now she realizes she doesn't need to care what people think of her blindness.

  13. 1. I think in the book this quote means that people can older, years can fly right on by, but the time doesn't effect anyone anymore. They are not scared of getting older or of time running out,not getting to finish as strong, or their end coming.

    2. I think years start scaring people when you either look younger than you are or if you look way older than you are. Elderly also get suddenly worried when they realize there life is comming to an end.

    I agree with what you said about everyone having their own ideas and alot of personalities comming through. I liked what you said. Did you ever think about when years would start mattering to you???