Monday, March 30, 2009

Things Not Seen 22

1. What did Bobby send?
2. Why did he send it?
3. Why would she use it and why not?


  1. 1. Bobby sent his electric blanket to Sheila.

    2. He sent it because that is what turned him invisible and what turned him back so he sent it in case Sheila wanted to become visible again in the future.

    3. She would use it in case she wanted to become visible and lead a regular life. Go out, meet people, in case she changed her mind about the way she lives now. She wouldn't use it because she likes her life the way it is now. She has her own business and she doesn't really need her visibility. She is doing fine without it.

  2. He sent the electric blanket.
    He sent it "just incase" she wanted to be visible again.
    She would not use it because she didn't have to worry about her complection.She would use it so she could meet new people.
    Gabby, I agree that she's doing fine without her visibility.

  3. 1. Bobby sent his eletric blanket to Shelia.

    2. He sent it to Shelia because it had turned him visible again and wanted to give Shelia that same chance to be visible again if she wished.

    3. She wouldn’t use the blanket because she was perfectly happy being invisible to humans. She would use it in case she wanted to have another "chance" at a normal life.

  4. 1. He sent the pretty little blanket to Shelia

    2. So she could become visablelike he did when he used it again.

    3. She wouldn't use it because she was happy being invisable because her job didn't require her to leave er house. She would use it if she wanted another chance to have her normal life back.

  5. 1.He sent Sheila a pink blanket like the one that made her invisible.
    2. He sent her that because it turned him visible again and now she could be to.
    3. She wouldn't use it because she wanted to continue her life being invisible and that was fine with her because she liked her job and house and everything else.

  6. 1. Bobby sent the electric blanket to Sheila along with a bunch of papers.
    2. This was in case she ever wanted to become visible again.
    3. Sheila would use this if she wanted to become visible again. She would not use it if she just liked being inisible and didn't want to change.

  7. 1. Bobby sent Sheila the electrical blanket with the controller, the Sears list of names, and papers about the blanket. He also put a printout of the SOHO page and a note saying just in case.

    2. Bobby sent these items because they were the items that helped Bobby become visible again. Also, he sent the items just in case Sheila changes her mind and wants to become visible.

    3. Sheila would use these items to make her visible again because she can visit her parents and possibly explain why she left. Sheila wouldn't use these items because then she could stay invisible and not have to worry about what she looks like and what other people think of her.

  8. 1. Bobby sent Sheila the electric blanket, his dads notes, the instruction manual, and a note that said "Just in case".
    2. Bobby sent it because he really wanted Sheila to have a normal life, but at the same time he didn't want to command her, so he sent the items and said "Just in case".
    3. Sheila would use it to turn visible again. She may not use it because she has a care free life. She likes not worrying about things so that is why she would not use it.

  9. Devon, can you explain what papers?

  10. 1. He sent the blanket.
    2. He wanted Sheila to have a normal life so he sent, her that because you always put ladies first and he wanted her to live a normal life and he could deal with his problems.
    3. She should use it because then she won't be invisibleand be treated the way he was. but she shouldn't use it and honor Bobby so if he needs it he can.