Monday, March 30, 2009

Things Not Seen 20

1. What would have happened if Bobby did NOT listen to Sheila?
2. List specific events that it would have changed. 


  1. I'm waiting for something brilliant...

  2. Wait listened to Sheila? Or Alicia?
    If he didn't listen to ALICIA:
    1. Everything would have been mayhem. The whole story would change and go into a never ending spiral of problems. Suddenly Bobby's invisibility wouldn't be the main issue.

    2. Specific thing that would happen are:
    a. Bobby's parents get arrested
    b. Bobby might have to expose himself
    c. Bobby and Alicia's friendship might be different
    d. Bobby would still be invisible and have to figure it out on his
    e. Bobby would be all alone and no one would know

  3. 1. The story would have made a huge spiraling turn into catastrophic destruction!!!
    1.Bobby's folks would go to jail.
    2.Bobby would be gone and no one would know.
    3.The relqationship between Alicia and Bobby would be changed.
    4.Bobby's friends might forget him.
    5.he might not get a proper education.
    6.His house might be sold.
    7.he might be on the news for search.

  4. I agree with both Gabby and Giffin. If Bobby hadn't listened to Alicia then the story probably would a lot longer and a TOTALLY different ending.

    2. Bobbys parents would be accused of murder or hiding their son and go to jail.

    - Bobby might have to tell people mor ethan Alicia and her parents about his "situation".

    - The friendship between Bobby and Alicia would be extremely different.

    - Bobby would never get to go see his friends again and be on his own invisible forever.

  5. -Bobby would be invisible forever and no one would know what happened to him.

    -His parents would be in jail.

    -He wouldn't have a proper education.

    -He might just have to spill his secret.

    - He might never see his friends or family and might be forgotten.

    -People might think the worst of him and he'd be all over the news.

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  7. 1.(just Alicia) If Bobby had not listend to Alicia then the whole ending would be mixed up.

    Bobby's parents would go to jail
    Bobby would never have a mom and dad in the house
    Bobby would probably cause mistchif
    Bobby would have to reveal his secret in order to survive
    People might not want him in the world
    Bobby might live with Alicia's family
    and Alicia might get mad at him

  8. If Bobby hadn't listened to Alicia his whole world would be turned upside down.

    1. Bobby's parents would go to jail
    2. Bobby would be alone with some money left over from his parents.
    3. Bobby wouldn't find the cure because his dad was in jail
    4. He would have to live like Sheila
    5. HE would loose Alicia because she would be mad he didn't listen
    6.If he revealed his identity he would be disected like a frog.

  9. Bobbys life would be ruined because

    a. his parents will go to jail
    b he will have no house because he cant keep up the income
    c. he would not have a cure
    d Alicia will be mad
    e he cant expose himself
    f he would live like sheila

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  11. 1. I'm not sure who everyone is talking about whether it's Sheila or Alicia so I'll do both. If Bobby hadn't listened to SHEILA and broke her promise, then Sheila could be on the news because someone spilled the beans that she was a living invisible person. If Bobby hadn't listened to ALICIA, then Bobby has the chance of never finding a cure, but eventually Alicia would tell her dad and then he would suggest the idea to Bobby's dad and poof Bobby is back.

    2. Things that could change if Bobby didn't listen to Alicia:
    a. The story would change jurassically and have a totally different ending that makes you wish there was a second book. (Even though that stands now.)
    b. Bobby's parents would have to explain why Bobby is missing.
    c. Bobby's parents could go to jail with a stupid reason with having no proof.
    d. Alicia would have to take care of Bobby because his parents aren't there.
    e. Bobby might not have found the cure.

  12. 1. If Bobby didn't listen to Sheila, bad things would happen. Bobby may not have been able to turn visible again. If this happened, the whole story would change. Also, Sheila may have to run for it again because something may get out.
    2. a. Bobby would stay invisible.
    b. Alicia wouldn't get mad at him for becoming visible
    c. Sheila may not have a small part but a big part as a wanted person and coming to Bobby's house.

    1. If Bobby didn't listen to Alicia he wouldn't have gotten to know Alicia well and the whole story would change. When Alicia was telling her stories in the library, she was surprised he listened, and that's what started their connection.
    2. a. Bobby would stay invisible
    b. Bobby would have to find someone else to help or solve the problem on his own
    c. Alicia would play no part in the story and it would be pointless to mention her.

  13. Nice job everyone, but doesn't the question say Sheila? If you can, try to think of things for Sheila.

  14. 1./2. If Bobby hadn't listened to Sheila and broke her promise, then Sheila could be on the news because someone spilled the beans that she was a living invisible person. Everyone could think she was a ghost or a monster. Then she might be out to get Bobby for that. People would also be spreading rumers and that could really hurt her self esteem.