Monday, March 30, 2009

Things Not Seen 21

BRAINSTORM as many ideas as possible...
1. How many ways does this novel connect with present day life?
2. How many way does it connect with the future?
3. How many ways does it connect with the past?


  1. This novel connects with present day life I believe in that people look different and act different like Alicia ut are still the same people.

    2. In the funture maybe we will have technology to mak eourselves invisible. Thsi novel shows it could be possible.

    3. In that past its possible that when mad scientists were aroudn maybe an experiment went wrong and invisiblty was invented. We never know.

  2. Great first step Jane K.
    Now I would like to challenege you to list specific events! Happy brainstorming!

  3. 1. In my opinion, this novel connects with present day life through hostage situations and kidnapping. When people are held hostage, it's like they are invisible, they are missing. We try to look for them like the police were doing in TNS, but we can't find them. Only a few people know where that person is, just like only a few people knew Bobby was in visible. In the end we find them, just as Bobby was found when he became visible again.

    2. It connects to the future because we don't know the future. Just like Bobby didn't know what was ahead of him in his life (invisible forever, or visible again). Or like Alicia doesn't know exactly what's in front of her, but she has a feeling. Just like Bobby could guess what was going to happen to him. We don't know the future but we have guesses about what life will be.

    3. It's like the past because of the underground railroad because of the end when Bobby is uncertain to wether he should turn on the blanket or not. The slaves knew the way out, but they didn't know where exactly it would take them or what was going to happen to the. Just like this, Bobby didn't know what would happen to him, or how he would end up.

  4. 1. It connect to the present because they had many of the things that we have now.Bobby also has some of the ideas that most of us could think of.
    2. It connects to the future because they're might be a solar malfunction. Also we could use the whole negative-positive thing to reverse global warming.
    3. It relates to the past because it took so long to come up with a solution.

  5. Thanks Miss Bailin.

    All of group~
    One day do you believe it would be possibel to make our own selves invivible through this eletrical theory stated in this book?

    I do believe that it may be possibel to have ourselves become invisible purposlely. this book I belive could open alot of scientific theories and questions.

  6. Jane-

    Maybe, but I think not. In order to have this happen we would need that big solar energy thing to happen. It's not just lying under an electric blanket.

  7. 1. It connects to present day because everything that he has and does is the kind of things we have and would do.

    2. It relates to the future because we've never had this solar thing ever happen to us and it is possible it could happen in the FUTURE! oh no! scary!

  8. 3. It relates to the past because kinda like the dude who waz in Frankinstien who like made him because making the monster was taking huge risks and not knowing what would happen like Bobby with the blanket. He was taking a huge risk trying the blanket experiment. He didn't know what would or could happen.

  9. 1.I think that it relates to the present because they have all of today's technology's
    2. It relates to the future because their might be something wrong with a solar thing.
    3.I think that it is like the future because kind of like in Frankenstein he became invisible because of some thing with electricity just like in Frankenstein he was hit by lightning.

  10. 1. This novel connects with present day life because there is love the story and there is love in real life. Also Bobby and Alicia are just a little bit older than us and they do some of the same things we do.
    2. In the future I think people will discover how to make themselves invisible and almost everyone will be invisible.
    3. In the past scientist probably were thinking of ways to make people invisible like Bobby!

  11. 1. This novel connects with present-day life because Bobby has a problem and people of today have problems. For example, trying to live in the bad economy or keeping grades up, or anything inbetween. Also, Bobby becomes invisible when people of today feel they are invisible or not noticed.

    2. This connects with the future because machines go wrong and with all the new inventions the future world has the possiblity of going wrong. For example, flying cars are trying to be made, but then they could turn to life and fly you to their lair. (Just an example, don't freak out.)

    3. This novel relates to the past because our present day technology was being invented and no one was sure how things would work. Just like Bobby wasn't sure if the blanket would make him visible like Alicia said.

  12. 1. This relates to present day life in many ways. Today, most people are popular for looks, or attitude. Alicia was popular, but when she went blind she had no true friends but one. Now days, if this happened to somebody popular, people would probably get ignored. Also, when people are not included, they may feel ignored or invisible. This relates to Bobby.
    2. This can connect to the future too. In the future another more high-tech machine could go wrong and everyone turns invisible, or some other incident.
    3. This can connect with the past also. When a new incident happens, theories were made and the incident was examined by a few scientists. Now days a ton of scientists would look at incidents. The scientists would do tests and observe the scene, then they would take the item and reverse the incident.

  13. Courtney, nice job. When you say "Just like Bobby wasn't sure if the blanket would make him visible like Alicia said" id that referring to when Alicia says two negatives make a positive?

  14. Stephen,
    Yes, I am referring to Alicia's two negatives make a positive.

  15. 1. I think this novel connects with present day life in many, different ways. Today, most people are popular for looks, or attitude, or how people act around certain other people.

    2. Well in the futer people might be able to invisible while today that isbn't possible.

    3. Well this book kinda sorta connects with the past because no one seemed to go anywhere or do anything about becoming invisible.

  16. 1. present:
    new discoveries are made
    dreams are created every day
    2 future: Alien discoveries will be made
    impossible things become possible
    3: in the past things that were unbelievable happened.