Monday, March 30, 2009

Things Not Seen 19

1. How did the novel end?
2. Did you think this was an appropriate ending? EXPLAIN your answer. 
3. How would you have changed the ending? Why would you have made these changes?


  1. The longer I have to wait, the more excited I become....however I also do not find peace in waiting and it delays the blogging discussion, therefore, I would start posting.

  2. 1. The novel ended with Alicia sending Bobby an email saying how she feels and she got so upset that afternoon. Then Bobby goes to tell Alicia how much he loves her. I thought that was so sweet!

    2. I thought it was a pretty appropriate ending because everything worked out at last. However I would have liked to know what happened between Bobby and Alicia. But other than it's fine and I'm glad he became visible again.

    3. When I think about, I would want to change it to know what happened with Bobby and Alicia, but leaving it the way it is lets you imagine the outcome however you want it to be. I like it this way because then their relationship ends up the way I want it to be and I enjoy having the power to choose.

  3. 1. It ends with Alicia sending Bobby a poem and Bobby going to tell her how much he loves her. That was nice.

    2. I thought this was an pretty good ending. It ended with everything turning out for the best.

    3. I also would have let it be known what happened between Bobby and Alicia. Also if Sheila used the blanket.

  4. 1. This novel ends with Alicia sending an email to Bobby saying how she feels about him. Then Bobby going to Alicia to tell her how much he loves her. I agree with Gabby 100%. That was so sweet and romantic.

    2. I believe it was an appropriate ending to the book. Everything worked out for Bobby.

    3. I would want to know what happens between Bobby and Alicia relationship. Also if Sheila used the blanket to become visible again. Gabby, good points on letting us use our imagination in the ending. :-)

  5. 1. This novel ends with Bobby sending the blanket and a lot of papers to Sheila. He also got an e-mail from Alicia saying that she doesn't feel right because before Bobby was visible they were helping each other, but now Bobby is invisible and she feels helpless. Also Alicia wrote how she feels emotionaly towards Bobby. After Bobby reads the e-mail he goes right over to Alicia's house to tell her how much he loves her.
    2. I think that some parts of of this ending were accecpable but others were not. For example, when Alicia says she feels hopless and not right, I agree with that but I just wish she didn't and in the e-mail she instead said that she loved Bobby soooo much! Also I totaly agree that Bobby should go to Alicia's house!
    3. I would have changed the fact that there were so many lose ends. I wanted to know what happedened to Sheila. Also, I think the boobk should have told us what happened to Bobby and Alicia's relationship. If I could change the ending then I would have Bobby and Alicia kiss, finally, and become boyfriend/girlfriend!! I would have made Sheila get the box through the mail but never use it because she wants to stay invisible.

  6. 1. the novel ended with Bobby going to Alicia's to tell her how much he loved her and her poem. the poem was about how Alicia feels helpless to Bobby because she can't do anything for him now since he is visible.
    2.I don't think that the ending was acceptable because it left you at a cliff hanger. And that is not fair if you're not going to put another book right out.
    3. If I could change the ending I would have included what happened to Sheila. Sheila was a major part of the story and you should not just leave us hanging. Also I want to know if Bobby and Alicia finally do kiss and become a couple.

  7. 1 The novel ends with Alicia sending Bobby a email that shows that she loves him. Then he tells her he loves her. It was to chick flick romantic for me.
    2 I guess this was appropriate because it ended happily ever after with the two love birds loving each other.
    3 I would have made the blanket send an electric field that turns everyone invisible. This is because it would make it alot more actiony.

  8. 1. The novel ends with Bobby racing to find Alicia to tell her how much he loves her poem and her. Also, it ends with me wishing there was a second book to see if Bobby and Alicia finally become a couple and cure Sheila.

    2. Yes, I thought the book had an appropriate ending because its like a princess story where the prince or in this case Bobby finds the perfect pricess, Alicia, and live happily ever after.

    3. If I could change the ending, I would of continued the story and explain what happens to Bobby and Alicia and whether Sheila uses the items Bobby sent her. This is because I along with others hate cliff hangers and wish the loose ends were completely closed. Yet, I enjoy letting the story end with what I want in my imagination.

  9. 1. The beginning of the end happens when Bobby turns visible again. He tells Sheila how to turn back, but she doesn't want to. When Alicia hears the news, she pretends to be happy. She sends Bobby a poem and tells him everything except that she is bothered that he is visible. Bobby goes and sends all the equipment to turn visible again to Sheila. Then he goes to Alicia's house. Alicia runs upstairs and is mad that Bobby does not have a problem like her anymore. It ends when he goes back to the post office.
    2. I think this would be an appropriate ending is there was a sequel. There was still a lot of loose ends such as are Bobby and Alicia going to get together and is Sheila going to be cured?
    3. I would tie up the loose endings. To do this I would have Bobby go back to the post office and get the blanket and change back to invisibility. Then he and Alicia would be together happily. Then Bobby would send the blanket to Sheila and she would be cured.

  10. Jason, wasn't there more after the poem? Didn't an incident happen?

  11. 1. The novel ends with Bobby running to find Alicia to tell her how much he loves her poem and her.
    2. There need to be a sequal to tell what happens between Bobby and Alicia.
    3. I would of left the ending the way it is. I loved this book and is glad I had the chance to read.

  12. Courntney,
    I hate cliff hangers too. I found this one tie it up better than other books I've read. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you turned invisible and had to find your way back to normal with no help or guidence from anyone???