Monday, February 9, 2009

Among the Hidden 2

The author does not specify a setting for Among the Hidden. 
1. Why do you think the author chooses to do this? What mood does this create for the reader?
2. Select a time and place for this novel. Why did you make these choices?


  1. 1. I think the author chooses to do this because the author lets the reader get the hint that they live in the middle of nowhere, and a city is being built there.
    2. The time I would choose would be in the 1950's because that is about the the time for the technology they have. The place would be Pine, AZ because it is a very small town in the middle of the woods, but it is about a 30 minute drive from Payson, AZ so the family could still drive to a city like they have.

  2. 1. I think the author chose to do this because she wants you to be curious about where you are and why things happen in this certain location. Her not giving a certain setting makes readers suspicious and curious for not knowing where they are and if it has an effect on the rest of the book.

    2. The time era I would choose is the 1940's because thats when change really started after the Great Depression. The place I pick is Strawberry, Arizona because it is surrounded by woods and is small, but big enough to fit the description in the book. Also, the drive to the nearest big city is to Payson a 20-30 minute drive, like in the book.

  3. 1. I think the author did not specify a place where this takes place in because she might want us, the readers, to think more and to just picture a place where we think it is at. She creats a imaginative mood and she makes us think.
    2. I think this is not present day because there is no population law in present time so i think it is about in the 1990's. I think it is in Wyoming because there are a bunch of woods and forests there.

  4. Courteny,
    Why do you think this is the time when the deppresion is?

  5. Stephen, you said the 1950s because that was the type of technology they had but what type of technology is that?

    Courtney, what type of change happened after the great depression?

    Devon, was there a population law in 1990?

  6. The autor does this to make the readers think. By doing this the reader must think hard to feel the story.
    2 I choose the 1950s in Idaho. This is because there is little technology in this time and Idaho has lots of mountains.

  7. I really enjoyed all of your answers. I think that you are all creatively tapping into the questions. I like you rationales for your locations. Nice job getting into the author's head. :)

  8. I think the author choses for them to live in the middle of nowhere because it give the implication that they are very serious about hiding. The author also wants to make it spooky and dark. I think it is set in the early 1900's because the details kind of describe a place that isn't too high-tech.

  9. I think the author did not specify an place because she doesn't want to target one place where all of this is going on. She wants it to be a mystery so you can focus on the story not where this is happening.

    The time would be in the 1980's and the place would be in upper California where there are woods and things. I chose these places because they live near woods and I believe the time is pretty recent because of the way the government is.

  10. I think the author didnt give a specific location because most of time if an author gives a location some kids focus more on location, location, location then what they're reading.

    2. I would say somewhere in early 1900s to 1930 and near woods like in Oregon. I think this would be a good setting because in the book I think that the way they talk or act means before real booming times. And the over population laws and not enough food points toward teh great depression I think.

  11. I think the author did athis to make you wonder and pull you in to make you read it more.

    I would put it in the 1980's-90's because the worker people asked if they had any AC. this is a pretty modern development. I would have it somewhere in a place like Kansas where people have to farm for a living.

  12. I think the author did this because she wanted us to picture the scene and not worry were it really is. It creats suspision.

    I would put this in like, 1980-1990 because, like Connely said, they have pretty modern stuff, lie the AC.

    I would set this in maby somewhere up south like in Kentucky or Tennesee because of the farms and stuff:)