Monday, February 9, 2009

Things Not Seen 5

This novel addresses a lot of meaningful topics that are below the surface (symbolism) having to deal with sight, insight, and lack of sight. 

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages with sight?
2. How could a lack of sight positively affect someone?
3. What is insight? How does one gain it?
4. What are some symbols (colors, situations, characters, etc.) for sight, insight, and lack of sight within the text and outside of the text? 


  1. I am VERY excited to read these future answers!!!

  2. 1 Advatages
    you can find your way in life
    do jobs
    see people
    you can't sneak up on people
    2 the lack of sight can extremely change their personality because they have alot of trouble finding people
    3Insight is seeing something from a different perspective or from the inside like a secret
    4 Eyes, closed eyes, cane, book and a pair of glasses

  3. 1. The advantages with being invisible is that you can go places you never have gone before, do things you have never gotten to do, and do pretty much what ever you want except for interacting with another.
    2. The lack of sight could positively affect someone because it helps them build strength in other senses. It also could make you a better person if normally you only judge people by their looks, but now you have to judge them by character.
    3. Insight is seeing the underlying truth of something, or to see what is not being said or shown. You can gain insight by watching and listening to ones actions, their tone in their voice, and if they hint something but do not say it.
    4. A synbol for sight is normaly an eye. For insight, the symbol would also by an eye, or as Jason said closed eyes because it is showing that you are using other senses to see what is not there. Symbols for lack of sight could be glasses, an eye wide open, a dog to help the blind man get around, and a blind persons cane(from the book).

  4. 1. The advantages of sight are you can see where you are going and if someone is about to ram in to you. Also, you can see who is talking to you. The disadvantages of being able to see are seeing the things you don't want to. For example, a mean message. You are able to see death, which is horrible especially when it is someone you know. Lasly, you are able to see people hurting others. Even if it is physical or verbal it is hard to watch and see all the people who don't care.
    2. The lack of sight could positively affect someone because then you would have to judge people by their personality, not their features. If you are selfish, lack of sight would give you attention when you want it because people would feel bad for you.
    3. Insight is to grasp the underlying truth of one thing. Or it can be when you have inside knowledge of something. For example, I know who is volunteering for the dunk tank at Spring Fling and others don't. One can gain insight if they look at the hidden objects and study them carefully to find the answer.
    4. A symbol for sight would normally be the eye, but I chose the Chinese symbol that means sight because it is still a symbol yet represents a word. The symbol for insight would be lightbulb because insight can be when you have the answer when no one else does, like an "Ah-Ha," moment. Symbols for lack of sight would be a specially trained dog, cane, glasses, or a person.

  5. Jason,
    How would a book represent lack of sight? When you are blind, you can't see, so you wouldn't be able to see the words.

  6. The advanteges would be you could find your way and see, meet new people, can go to places you have never been, and know one knows you're there. One disavantage is that you may see nasty things,and see nasty foods that look gross

    The disadvanteges of lacking sight would be you can run into things easily, can't read, have a hard time writing, can't eat normally, world would be black and colorless.

  7. Insight is knowledge and you gain knowledge by experience.

  8. Miss Bailin,
    The e-mail is my answer to the last question of this blog.

  9. Kaci,
    How would a blind person be colorless? Just because they can't see colors doesn't mean they are colorless on the outside.

  10. I meant that by they can't see the color of the world around them not physically being colorless.

  11. 1. Some disadvantages of sight is seeing gruesome things that you don't want to see such as a beheading. Some advantages is being able to see some of the most beautiful things in the world. Like France in spring.
    2. Some disadvantages to being bling is not being able to see amazing art, food, TV, books, so many different things that you don't get to see. Plus you may walk into things. Also you would have to miss out on so many things like bike riding, driving, sky diving, shooting games, video games ect,

  12. 3.) Insight is the ability to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. you can gain insight by listening closely to their voice, their body language ect.
    4.) I think a symbol for sight would be white because like if you can't see for a while it's white and then goes to color. A symbol for insight could be a face with out eyes because you are using other senses. A symbol for being blind could be a seeing eye dog.

  13. 1. Some advantages with sight are listed: able to see long distances, people are able to see color, able to watch out for people and things,can look at beautiful things, can look at adorable things, can look at amazing things, and also it is one of the 5 senses. Some disadvanteges are listed: going blind, only seeing black and white, bright lights, seeing ugly things, and not being able to see things that you want to see.
    2. A lack of sight can effect someone because there are beautiful objects and scenery in this world and it is such a joy to be able to see them. Also, people or living things that cannot see are missing out on a whole lot of color of all kinds; vivid, pastel, light, bright, and all of the different types of color.
    3. Insight is to have special knowledge about a specific thing. To gain insight you need to be involved in or learn loads about a specific thing.
    4. Some symbols for sight would be a pair of binoculars, or eyes, because both you can see out of. One symbol for insight woud be a question mark because you ask questions to get answers to gain knowledge. One symbol for lack of sight would be a white cane because people that are blind and have a lack of sight use one to get around.

  14. Lily,
    For your symbol for sight, would that be for lack of sight because when you have NO sight everything goes white, not when you have sight. Otherwise great job! :)

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