Monday, February 9, 2009

Among the Hidden 3

Luke's family is terrified of the government. 
1. Why? 
2. What are some ways the government makes the family feel powerless? 3. Where else in the world or in other shows, literature, etc. have you seen examples of the government abusing power?


  1. 1. Lukes family is terrified of the government because they will take Luke and possibly kill him.
    2. The government makes them feel powerless because they can not object to the law without basicly telling the government that they have another child, leaving the mno choice but to deal with it feeling very powerless. In social studies we have been learning about ancient Greece. Athens abused their power when they formed the Delian League. Athens used the Leagues funds to put up buildings in Athen and they interfered with other cities personal problems and government.

  2. 1. Luke's family is terrified of the government because Luke broke the population law by being a third child. Now, if government finds out about him, they could take him away and possibly kill him.

    2. The government makes them feel powerless by cutting down the neighboring woods of Luke's family. Luke's family wanted the woods to stay so Luke could play without being seen, but you can never say no to the government.
    3. A real world example of government making people feel powerless is when a citizen asks a request. Usually the government says, “No,” making people feel powerless and like they can’t help the city.

  3. 1. Luke's family is terrified of the government because Luke is not supposed to be alive and the government is tracking people down who are not supposed to be alive.
    2. The government is cutting down the woods behind Luke's famiy's house, this is making the family feel powerless.
    3. Immprisoning people that are innocent, and also listening in on private conversations, all of this is happening in real life.

  4. 1 the government is scary because they can take Luke away whenever they see him.
    2 They can take Luke away and can make them move near neibors.
    3 in the terminator the robotic government put the entire human race into slavery and killed them

  5. Devon and Courtney, you both are at the same thing, so this is for both of you, is the main thing that makes them feel powerless is the woods? The government is giving them a better value for their house if they were to sell it. They may not want to but the government is still giving them something out of it.

  6. I wonder what the woods represents (symbolism)? What about nature being destroyed is so powerful?

    Nice work. This group is stellar. :)

  7. The family is absolutely terrified of the government because if they find Luke they will most likely kill him and punish the family. The family feels powerless because the government has the enormous power to wipe out the entire family. I haven't read a book (that I remember) in which the police or the government abused power.

  8. Luke's family is afraid of the government because they are afraid the government will find Luke and kill him as well as punish the entire family.

    The government makes the family feel powerless by taking away the forest behind their house. THey can't do anything about so they feel powerless.

    I've never seen or read anything else about the government abusing power

  9. Luke and his family are afraid of the government because if they find out abotu Luke they coudl take him away and punish the family or kill Luke.

    the government makes teh family feel powerless because there is nothing they can do to stop them from taking teh woods or raising taxes because if they protest someone might fidn Luke and then teh family will be helpless.

    I havent read any books eitehr for any other cases of government power being abused.

  10. Lukes family is so concerned about the agovernment because if they find out about him he will be killed and posibly have his family punished for raising him.

    Thy are so scared of trhe power because if lukes dad siad no to them they could feel suspicious and come search the house inside and out and find luke.

    what about hitler? he was a leader that eventually rose to power and tried to take over the world. this is an example

  11. Luke's family is terrified of the government because of the population law, and with them having a third child, they have to hide him so that he isn't taken away, or worse, killed. Then the family will get in serious trouble for raising him.

    They make the family feel powerless because If at any time the government feels suspisious about anything, they will just barge right in, and if they don't find anything, they will bug them, put little speakers on them, and if they pick up any trace of Luke, he's done for.

    Ya know, I haven't read or seen anything about government abusing power, except for this book.