Monday, February 9, 2009

Among the Hidden 5

There are many laws that people have determined to be unfair and unjust. There are also laws that are simply viewed as silly. Do a search to find some of these laws. *****You may want to do your research with your parent/guardian present.

1. Start with overpopulation laws because that directly relates with our text and post about your findings. 
    a. How do you feel about overpopulation? 
    b. Are these laws fair? Why or why not?
    c. What negative and positive things did you find?


  1. I think that the overpopulation is unfair. All people deserve to live and have a long and happy life with a natural death. These laws are are SUPER unfair!!!!!!!!!!!! All people deserve to have a long life in which they can enjoy! I found that in China they kill babies. That is absolutely NEGATIVE! There is nothing positive about it!!!

  2. I think overpopulation is a bad thing because then more people have to struggle to get food and have jobs. However I believe that having laws that prohibit lives from living it terribly wrong.

    These laws are NOT fair. Every person has a right to live their life. No one should have to suffer just because they are born. Everyone should be able to live their life. It is not fair to these people and I think these laws are totally wrong.

    I only found one thing, and that was China's one-child law. I think this is a negative law because if more than one child is born to a family, as Sierra said, they kill the baby. TOTALLY NEGATIVE!

  3. I think overpopulation is bad because it means more food going to homes and people. If too much of that food is sold then that might start a starvation run. You cant get food you dont have.

    I agree 100% with Sierra and Gabby. It shouldn't be the child's fault if him/her was born. they should get every right that a normal person does. As said in the constitution everyone has rights NO government can take away. Yet, in this story teh government is taking away Lukes rights.

    I found several things in China and Japan. The most shocking one i belive was in China about 20-30 years ago if you had a girl they would take her away and kill her because shes not a boy. They did this because they needed men and boys later for jobs and the army. I think tahts TOTAllY and UTTERLY UNFAIR. Girls shouldnt be killed for our gender.

  4. I think that this is horrible and I will not stand up for it. the population law, jane, would probalbly not make enough sales to support other countries so the econamy would fall apart.

    it is not fair because mabe because i am a boy i should be killed at birth for the sake that i am not wanted. think of alll your friends and family that you would not be seeing if there was a population law.

    I know you listed how babies are killed in china. Actually in world war two the enemy soldier s would do athe most horrible things that probably arent appropriat to pregnant women and babies. Think also of the spartans!!!!!!!! Only the healthy babies lived. the bad ones were inspected then killed by a government official.

  5. Interesting Connely. I didnt know that. Thats pretty gross. :'-(

  6. 1.A. i think the population law absolutly horrid. It's something I would not stand for.

    B. It's unfair. Babies can't help being born and it's not their fault.They should have every right.

    c. I found,like Gabby, about China's one child law. It's just not cool because if the family was found to have more than one baby, they killed it, just like in our book.