Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Seems 5

In your opinion...

1. What is the role of those who live in The Seems?
2. What do you think is/are the fair or unique qualification(s) needed to be a Fixer?
3. Why do only those individuals from The World possess it/them?


  1. 1 the role of the people that live in the seems is to make the world work right.
    2 i think the qualifications for a fixer are that you must know how to fix minor and major electronic problems.
    3. only those individuals from the world possess the job of fixer because they can fix it and find out if it is working the way it did before.

  2. 1. A~ I agree with Ben the role of the The workers in the Seems is to make the world work right.

    2. A~ I think the qualifications of a fixer is to fix a bad situation with electronics and they must be hard working.

    3. A~ I agree with Ben on this question. That they fix a part to get it back to the way it should work and do their own part.
    Ben did you ever think about how you would do the job if you were a fixer or how the people like you or I would run the world.

  3. 1.I agree with bolth of them and I think that a fixers job is to repair the seems like a person that repares books.
    2.I think you need to be a good problem solver, a very good micanic, and have a 7th sence like it said in the book.
    3. I think that the fixers are gifted with the 7th scence when thier acsepted into the seems.

  4. Their role is to make sure the World runs right.
    You need to be imaginative, and mysterious.
    Because you can't be imaginative unless you've the kind of crazy stuff in our world.