Monday, February 9, 2009

Among the Hidden 4

1. What struck you as the most meaningful part of these chapters.
2. Why do you feel this way?
3. How do you think this will impact the rest of the novel?


  1. 1. The thing that struck me most was when Luke did not tell his mother about the vent.
    2. I feel this is meaningful because it shows that he will risk being seen to be able to see outside. It is very sad that the most fun thing for him to do is to look outside.
    3. I think this will impact the novel because he is going to keep looking out the vent and eventually he will be caught or find some bits of information out.

  2. 1. The part that struck me most is when Luke was not allowed to sit at the table anymore.

    2. I thought this was meaningful because the family had taken a big step on trying to make it seem like Luke doesn't exist.

    3. I think Luke will start to get more and more depressed through the chapters because the family will keep taking bigger steps to seem like Luke doesn't exist.

  3. Courtney/Stephen,

    I was just going around. You book sounds very interesting! I cant wait to switch. Do you like the book so far?

  4. I thought it was meaningful when Luke didn't tell his parents of him looking out the vent

    2 This is because that was important to him so it would be important for his mom

    3 This will impact the novel because his parents will probally find out and he will get in trouble.

  5. I liked all of your ideas. Jason, I think we are thinking the same thing about the vent. Courtney, I like how you saw that he will keep getting more depressed the more steps his family takes, but what will happen when he gets depressed?

  6. Very meaningful commentary Stephen.

    Thanks for popping in Jane. :)

    The table part bothered me too Courtney.

  7. I totally agree with you Courtney! The part that struck me most was when Luke wasn't allowed to sit at the table because he might be seen! I thought it was really sad because Luke couldn't share a meal with his family he had to sit all alone on the step. This part kind of explained to me that the family is VERY serious about Luke not being seen and they will go to even higher heights to protect him.

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  9. I agree with Courtney and Sierra. The most meaningful part to me was when Luke couldn't even sit at the table with his family.

    I felt this way because it was sad how he couldn't eat at the table. It shows just how bad and serious that law is.

    I think this will impact the rest of the book because if he can't even sit at the table, he will probably have other "privileges" taken a way. He will probably have to hide even more and never even get to walk around his house.

  10. I agree with Gabby, Sierra and Courtney. i think it was sad that Luek couldn't eat or talk with his family at meal time.

    I felt liek thsi because I know if I couldnt eat with my family I would feel alone and depressed.

    I think this situation will impact the book because has Gabby pointed out many more privledges will be taken from Luke. he might have to only stay up in the attic without even teh stairs near his family.

  11. Again i agree this was not a fair choice to him but it had to be.

    If I was confined to not eat with my family at meal times forever then i would feelk insulted and be aput in a bad mood.

    He wont get to see very much daylight exepts the vent. IF he was always looking and never doing he would eventually build a guilt inside him for making everything so different for his family. he might show himself to the world.

  12. Again, I agree with Gabby, Sierra, Courtney, and Connely. It was very sad and meaningful and stuff when Luke couldn't eat or talk with his family, the only ones hes ever allowed to talk to, at mealtimes.

    I feel this way because Luke's family now is just trying so hard to make it seem like he doesn't exist, it's like ther're steping farther and farther away from him.

    I think this will impact the story because the farther and farther his family is moving away from him, the more it impacts him and makes him take drastic measures.