Monday, March 9, 2009

The Seems 26

1. How would you describe the home of "The Bed Bugs"? 

2. Can you give it a Seemian name?


  1. 1. I would describe it as cold, dark and clamy. I would discribe it like this because that is what it made it soud like in the book to me.
    2. I would call it the Dempartment Of Horrors Inside the Deprtment of Sleep or DOHITDOS for short.

  2. 1. A~ I would describe it as cold, musty, sticky, pitch black, and a room full of darkness.

    2. A~ I would call it the Department Of Terror inside the Seems because it is terrifying.

  3. Aaron,

    Can you think of a good name that woud fit into todays world? I tried but It is really hard. If the "Bed Bugs" were real would you feel unsafe in your home at night? I know I would.

  4. i would describe the "bed bug's" room as freaky and scary. it is also dark with cob webs.

    i would name the "bed bug's" room the Department Of Nightmares (DON for short).

    i think you could call the modern day bed bugs cyber-bullies.

  5. I would describe the room as dark, cold, creepy, scary, disgusting, and clammy. I would call it the Department of Fright or the D.O.F. That would be a vague but suitable name.

  6. I like all of the names...creeptastic! :)

  7. Cyber-Bullies weren't the angle I was going for actually. I was actually going for meaning people who make you feel trapped in the big world and not helping you move on and hold backs.

  8. I would describe it as an "EVIL HOUSE OF PAIN & SUFFERING!!!!" or the little house of Horrors. The Seemsian name would be the department of mischief.