Monday, March 9, 2009

The Seems 45

1. Becker was given a Glimmer of Hope by his teacher and then an Ounce of Sleep as a reward for capturing the Glitch. What gift/reward would you hope to receive from the Seems? Explain. 


  1. i would want to receive a boatload of knowledge because then i could get a lot of money and i could be famous because of how smart i would be

  2. if i could get some reward i would get a ton of luck so if i have a quiz i can use luck and ace the quiz.

  3. I would like a weather machine because then I could get out of school when ever I wanted. Or mabey I would want a L.U.C.K.y rabbits foot so I would never have to know anything again.

    Luke how would knowledge get you alot of money?

  4. Luke,
    Would you rather have knowledge or wisdom? Explain. This question is also open to anyone else brave enough to tackle it.

  5. Oh Ben!
    You don't need luck to ace a quiz. What else could you use your luck for?

  6. Aaron,

    I LOVE your question to Luke. I am tempted to answer it, but I will wait until Luke does and then share my thoughts. ;)

    Would you need brain if you never had to "know" anything? Would it truly be "learning" if you just knew it? Explain. :)

  7. Miss Bailin,
    I would rather have knowledge because with knowledge you can learn wisdom and you can go through school with knowledge but it might be hard if you just have wisdome.

  8. Miss Bailin,
    I don't think it would be learning if you just knew it. How would you learn anything if you already knew it???I think you would need a brain to tell your body to live and keep you alive.

  9. Kaci,
    You don't really NEED to learn anything is you already know EVERYTHING!