Monday, March 9, 2009

The Seems 30

1. An author has a number of literary tools available to "pull" the reader into the story he/she is creating. Based on your reading so far, rate this author's use of literary devices.

2. Are you an active participant in the story or merely a passive reader? Explain your response. 


  1. I give the author's literary devices a ten out ten because some or the words are very creative and those word make me want to see what else Becker or anyone in the story will use.

  2. i would also give the author a 10/10 on his cleverness with words.

  3. I forgot:
    I am a ptrticement because the author uses such detailed words.

  4. I would give the author a 4/10 because some word were catchy but other were kind of stupid. Some words were also very cathcy but others were just plain dumb. I hated the book so this is probably why I am so harsh, but it's my decision.

    I am a passive reader because it didn't grasp my attention an keep me there.

    You made a typo in your last comment and it threw my off. What did you mean by that?

    Why did you give the author a 10/10 on cleverness? What was clever??? Give some examples because I am sort of lost on why you found it so "Clever."

  5. I would give it a 10/10 because of her choice of words and plot. I am a participant in the story because it felt like I was in the story.

    Kaci, why did you hate this book. What would have made it beter to you?

  6. I would probably give this book a 4/10 also. I too disliked the book. I agree with Kaci, some words were catchy, and others not needed.

    I would be a passive reader because it really wasn't my choice to read the book and it didn't (like Kaci said) pull me in.

    Kaci, I didn't really like the book either, but why do you say some words were "stupid?" I kind of disagree. No words are stupid. Some words are unecessary, but not stupid. Sorry, I just don't like the way you said that.

  7. I agree with Sierra. Well articulated.

    I like the explanations of why you were passive. I think choice had a big thing to do with it. You will get to choose the next one.

  8. I think the author used suspense and mystery to "pull" the reader into the story. O'd give it a 6/10. ] I'm an active reader in this story. I am because it's hard for me to put the book down.