Thursday, March 12, 2009

Among the Hidden 20

1. Describe what happens to Jen?
2. Did this surprise you?
3. What emotions did it stir within you?
4. How could the novel have been different it this didn't happen?
5. What did it add to the novel?


  1. 1. While Jen is at the rally, she is shot dead along with all of the others by the population police. Her father then comes and takes her body, but is't allowed to burry it.
    2. This didn't surprise me. I never thought that much about Jen dying, but I knew the rally would fail.
    3. This made me really sad for Jens family, Jen, and Luke. It seems like her dad was very upset. I am sorry for Jen because she is the one that dies, and that she really thought that it was going to work, and it was her lifes dream, and then it failed, and she died from it. Luke, because it was pretty much his whole life meeting someone outside of his family. Also she was his friend, and I would be extremely sad if any of my friends died.
    4. If Jen and the rest didn't die, then they may have succeded there persuasion, and Luke and the other shadow children would be free.
    5. This added sadness to the novel. Also, you start to really hate the population police. This also adds a lot more story, Luke meeting Jens dad, Luke extremely angry, and much more.

  2. 1.)Jen at the rally is shot and killed. She was killed along with a lot of the other children.
    2) This made me really sad. But I think that they should be proud because they died because they were doing what they believed in.
    3)The novel could have been different because the story could have stopped earlier by having the government give in.
    4) I think that it added sadness and sincerety to the book and i think that that makes a difference.

  3. 1. While at the rally for hidden children Jen was shot along with 40 other children all there, in front of the president's house, to stop hiding.
    2. This event that happened in the story supprised me so much I almost thought that I was dreaming, I was extremely sad.
    3. The emotions inside of me while this was happening were anger towards the people who shot the children, and to the Population Police. Also I was so very sad because Jen died.
    4. The novel would be different because Luke would have not gone looking for Jen and gotten caught by her dad.
    5. By Jen and the others dieing this added grief and mourning to the rest of the book.

  4. Lily,
    Add some more detail to your qestion #1. Why were they going to the rally?

    What gave you clues that the rally would fail?

  5. 1. Jen along with 40 others was shot to death by the government in front of the White House for trying to persuade the government in to letting them be free.
    2. When this occured my mouth dropped. It was so surprising that I read it over and over to make sure I read it correctly.
    3. The emotions I felt were anger because the Population Police didn't give the families a chance to pay the money. I felt sad for Jen's family because they lost a loved one and wasn't able to treat the body in to a proper burial. I felt bad for Luke because she was the only thing that let him be outside away from the house and now it is gone forever.
    4. If the rally were to succeed, Jen, Luke, and every hidden child would be free. The government would realize they can't keep giving the Barons all of the food and would supply the poor families with food.
    5. With this happening, it gave the book a high point where yo want to keep reading on. It made you think that the Population Police is even more horrible than before. This part gave a cliff hanger because Jen's dad is involved and the Population Police have arrived.

  6. Stephen,
    Why did you not care that much about Jen? She was one of the main characters.

  7. Stephen,

    I heald my breath while I read you whole answer. Well done! I am loving what you are producing.

  8. Grief, mourning, sadness, suspense, anger....wonderful word choice. I remember seeing some of the reactions on your faces when you read this part (Hi Courtney!)...I think you hit the nail on the head with this creating a high point and it really driving home your negative feelings for the population police.

    What message is the author sending you that you can apply to our world today?

  9. while jen was a the rally, she got shot because there were not enough ppl to have saftey in numbers. This did not surprise me because, judjing from luke's personality, most third children wouldnt even dream of doing that rally because they are so terrified of the pop police. I was kind of sad because jen was one of my favorite characters. If this did not happen and the rally was sucessful, the problem in the novel would be over. This added the fact that luke and jen's dad wanted revenge.

  10. At the rally Jen was shot dead by the government. SHe died alongside all her fellow shadow children. They were all killed in a few minutes.

    When I read this part I almost burst into tears. I was so sad for Luke and for Jen. I thought it had actually happened.

    I have read the sequals and if this didn't happen it wuld affect the whole series! Jen might be able to go on all the adventures with Luke and Jen might hold more rallies.

    This part added a glimpse of reality. It would have been too fictional if this didn't happen. Usually the main characters always get through all the challenges, but in real life that is not how things happen.

  11. Jen was shot while at the rally for third children. Her and other third children were shot while fighting for their rights by the population police.

    This did not surprise me because I didn't really think the rally would work. I hoped it would but this was not surprising to me.

    When I read this I was very sad. I got all teary because I had grown to love Jen's character. I felt bad that she died. I was also mad because I cannot beleve the Population Police are this mean.

    If his didn't happen the entire book would change. Third children might be free and then there wouldn't be any more fight and there would be nothing else to write about. THere woundn't be anything exciting.

    It added the sadness that makes you dislike the Population Police. It also added the agony that makes you want to fight back and fight for what's right. It added a conflict to the book that is needed.

  12. Jen and the other shadow kids were shot while at the rally. It mentions how they cleaned up the blood so people wouldn't find out.

    It didn't surprise me that much. With all her pride about the rally, I expected something bad would happen. I kinda hoped it would work though.

    I felt so bad when she died. I liked her so much. Its like when I read Harry Potter 7. I had grown to love the character so much, and then they're gone. Dead. I got kinda mad too, because how could the just shoot them, and they were just young kids,too. And then they just wipe up all the blood, they are horrible people.

    Well, if this didn't happen,third children might be free, and there would be no more fighting or hiding. Then Luke wouldn't have had to move away from his family:(

    It added so many bad emotions towards the population police. It made you want to fight back for third children's rights, and lives.

  13. 1. Jen and the other children at the rally were shot dead. It said as well that the government cleaned up all the blood of the children so otehr citizens wouldn't find out.

    2. I was actually very surprised. I didn't expect that happen. I expected maybe the government would understand or help teh children but no.

    3. I felt very depressed when I read that Jen was shot dead. I was also infuriated with teh Population Police for killing children who were only 11-13 years old. Thats just wrong.

    4. If this hadn't happened Luke may be still with his family and Jen ( his only true friend ) would still be alive and well.

    5. Thsi added even more hatred I already had to the Population police and government for all their weird laws.