Monday, March 9, 2009

Things Not Seen 16

This novel references quite a few piece of good literature and famous people. TRY TO USE DIFFERENT ONES THAN THE ONES POSTED BEFORE YOURS. :)

1. List and describe two of these references total. 

2. Why do you think the author chose to use these references? What does it add to the novel?

3. Were there any references you had not heard of? (suggestion...come back and read others' posts). 


  1. Two references are The Scarlet Letter and The Invisible Man. These are both famous pieces of litterature.

    The author chose to use these references to make connections. Like the Invisible Man and Bobby. It adds a kind of fun spin and connection to the novel.

    Some of these book or author reference were people or books I had never heard of so yes.

  2. I agree with the two Gabby chose. I hadn't heard of either of those before but, I looked them up and I understand how they relate and I now get how the author tied both of these stories to the story we are reading.

  3. 1. One Famous person that was metioned in the book was Arthur Dimmesdale a revrend, also Miles Davis was mentioned in the book.
    2. The author mentioned Arthur Dimmesdale because he was a character in The Scarlet Letter. He mentioned Miles Davis because Bobby would like to listen to Miles Davis singing. These add facts to the novel.
    3. Yes and no, I had already heard of The Scarlet Letter but I had not heard of Arthur Dimmesdale or The Invisible Man.

  4. Welcome to The Monkey House and Cats Cradle are also two books mentioned in the book. I can easily see how these two came into play.

  5. 1. Two books mentioned in the novel were Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut and Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.
    2. The author chose to use these references because it shows the connection between Alicia and Bobby. They both like the same author.
    3. I had never heard of either of these books or the author. The monkey book sounds like it is a crazy abnormal book just like Things Not Seen.

  6. 1.) Two books mentioned were Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut and Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut again. P.S. I didn't mean to use the same person's before me but I couldn't remember any more.
    2.) I think the author chose this because it shows a similarity between Bobby and Alicia. Also I think it make's him look smart because he knows good books.
    3.) I have heard of Cat's Cradle but not of Welcome to the Monkey House.

  7. The Invisible Man and Cats Cradle were metioned in this book. Its obvious he chose the Invisible Man because Bobby is invible.
    Cats Cradle is a bi harder I cant figure that out. I never heard of cats cradle or Monkey House.

    Courtney is there another connection?

  8. 1. The Invisible Man and the Welcome to the Monkey House were famous pieces of literature.
    2. I am not exactly sure why Welcome to the Monkey House was chosen. I have never read it, but by its title it might be because Bobby and Alicia are strange, and monkeys are strange, so it is saying welcome to strangeness. The Invisible Man is in because the man was invisible and Bobby was invisible. This may add information to what Bobby might do.
    3. I have never heard of Welcome to the Monkey House, Cats Cradle, the Scarlet letter, Arthur Dimmesdale, and Miles Davis. I have heard of the Invisible Man.

  9. Jason/Lily:

    Jason, I think that your posting was good, but could you tell about the other things that other people have posted for question 3?

    Lily, I also liked yours, but what is the similarity?