Thursday, March 12, 2009

Among the Hidden 21

1. "We're a revolution," says Jen. What does this "revolution" mean?
2. BRAINSTORM all the connections with "revolution" that you can think of. 


  1. 1. This revolution means that all of the shadow children are under the government, and they are fighting for their freedom.
    2. Connections with "revolution":
    revolutionary war, the civil war, because the North was fighting against the government in the South, the fighting against one's own government for rights or freedom, and when people turn against thier own government.

  2. 1. I think that this means that they are trying to make a change and fight for what they believe is right!
    2. The Civil War most definitely because people were going behind the governments laws to do what they think is right.

  3. 1. I think Jen means they are going to make a huge change to the people all over the world. She and Luke would be able to make everyone free and change the way people live.
    2. The Civil War and Revolutionary War would be the two wars that fit the most to revolution. The Revolutionary War had changed the amount of freedom Americans had. In the Civil War, the freedom of slaves had changed.

  4. Lily,
    What is an example of the people going behind the government's laws to do what is right?

  5. Brainstorm means more than a few ideas!!!
    Take it away from wars...what other revolutions have there been?

  6. Revolution means when a group of people go against a common beleif or a government to do what they think is right. Some examples are the civil war,the revolutionary war, the russian revolution, the french revolution. revolutions dont always have to be violent. some examples are when gandi went against the british peacefully, and fred korematsu when he demanded justice from the US when we put japanese- americans in internment camps.

  7. A revolution is when a force rebels against the government. In the story it is all the shadow children.

    The Revolutionary War because of the name. But also because both sides formed a revolution. The Civil War because the south formed a revolution too. I will think of more and post later if I have another.

  8. 1. Revolution is when all the shadow kids are fighting for their freedom!

    2. civil war, when they went behind the laws to do what they thought was right, revolutionary war,fred korematsu when he demanded justice from the US when we put japanese- americans in internment camps.

  9. A revolution is fighting for what you believe in or want to happen.

    2. Some examples are- The revolutuionary war and the patroits fighting for freedom. The Civil War for blacks fighting for what they believed was right for all people

  10. I think that revolution means that they are forming their own "army" to fight for what they believe is right. They are going to show how they feel to their enemies and if they enemy wants to fight they are going to go down trying to change the world.

    The connections with revolution that I can think of are: The Revolutionary War, The Civil War because the black people forming a revolution, WWII because we formed a revolution against Japan, Hitler forming a revolution against Jewish people, Women when fighting for their rights formed a revolution, we formed a revolution against Iraq in the Iraqi War. Thats all I can think of.