Monday, March 9, 2009

The Seems 39

1. How do you think the Glitch was able to survive the Clean Sweep? 

2. Why is it just now appearing to cause havoc?


  1. 1. I think it "played dead" and was over looked and forgoten.
    2. I think that the Tide payed the glitch to attack then.

  2. 1. i think the glitch moved to a place where no one would think a glitch would be and hide there.
    2. i think the tide payed the glitch(like what aaron said) and while the glith was causing mahem the tide stoll the things needed for a time bomb.

  3. Aaron,
    Do you think that they glitch really has any use for money? What would he use it for?

  4. I think it hid until in the dark resources of the Seems until Clean sweep was over.
    It came out of hiding wanted to be found. It treated the havoc as a carnival ride.